The Big Kids Want Great Shoes Too!

We've all heard about Robeez, right? The awesome, soft-soled shoes that are all the rage? They're also featured to your left on the cute feet of Lennon in the striped pants. Those of you with new walkers have probably thought to yourselves, "I loved Robeez, but my kid has outgrown them now that he can walk!" Well, fear no more, friends! Robeez have moved beyond the house and out the door for young walkers...Robeez Tredz are the newest thing to hit the streets and everyone's talking them up at a playground near you.

Personally, I love these shoes. Noel's Evan's, pictured on the legs with the "dog camo" (background), are so soft and look super comfortable. These aren't shoes you have to "break in" or "get used to". Noel loved them right away and was off and running in them from the first wear! They also seem to run big. He's got a pretty big foot (8-9) and he's still got a lot of room in these.

Don't be sad that your baby has grown into a walker! Show him working those legs in a new pair of Robeez Tredz!

Sandbox Threads: Funkdafie Your Tot

We know cool, online apparel stores when we find them and Sandbox Threads fits that description mighty nicely.

Sandbox Threads is a place where you can find unique t-shirts and onesies for the little ones, just take a look at their selection of Famous Faces and Vintage Toys and Ads selections.

As you may already know, Laura and I are big music fans. Of course I had to get my hands all over that Clash design on a pink and brown Raglan tee for my toddler (pictured to the left). It's pretty cool (I think) when your two and a half year old can tell you "That's The Clash" when you ask her who is on her shirt. Same goes for our little buddies, Noel and Lennon. Our friends at Sandbox created these special, one-of-a-kind tees for these two little guys (to your left). Talk about customer service!

Sandbox Threads just celebrated their one year birthday and we're here to wish them many more! The more they celebrate, the more great quality tees we have to drool over. They are also one of the few online stores who still offer lower prices on their apparel. Owner/SAHD, Andy, blogs at Sandbox's "The Thread" blog and says this:

"We still believe we are offering a better quality product at some of the lowest prices around. Most of our competitors charge four, five, and sometimes ten dollars more than Sandbox Threads. We could probably charge that much also, but we just don't want to do it. I started Sandbox Threads to offer an alternative, and we plan to continue to do just that."
Sounds good to us! This post is going up a little late but if you hurry, you can still help celebrate their birthday by getting a discount on your purchase before the end of the month. Until 3/31/08, enter code "bday15" at checkout for 15% off your order.

A is for Art

I do not own any fancy-schmancy wall art. As a matter of fact, it took my husband and I a little over three years after moving into our home to finally settle on some framed art for above our couch. We're a slight bit picky in the art department.

Now that I'm fortunate enough to be put in touch with some companies who make and sell unique art, it's nice to have the ability to browse around their websites and take my pick without leaving my house. I'm talking about the company, "A is for art". They have some cute and whimsical artwork available from cats with gumball machines on their heads (my favorite!) to ostrich's with a slice of cantaloupe, an olive and cherries on their heads. These are images that are fun and can boost your child's imagination.

Next time you're in the market for some funky and colorful art, head over to A is for Art and take a look around.

Why Not Wear Artwork?

Fantasy, catching a ride on an armadillo, a candy smörgåsbord to rival Willie Wonka...these are just a few of the wonderfully charming and fanciful designs you'll find at Lark and Loon. Gretchen and Priscilla had a vision to create clothing for children that embodied the spirited nature of simply being a child, and they have succeeded! They commissioned artists throughout the country to design images that "convey the everyday HOPS, SKIPS and JUMPS, as well as a few outlandish cartwheels that occupy a child's day!"

Lark and Loon offers a nice assortment of t-shirts for boys and
girls, as well as several dresses and pants for girls. All of these items are 100% cotton and made in the US. They've also tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the production of their wares:

"In an effort to limit our use of chemicals and to create a soft, nearly transparent feeling, we went with water-based rather plastiol for our screen printing. Water-based inks require less production time, and thus, fewer resources are consumed producing the ink. Also, because water-based inks are, as the name suggests, soluble in water, they require considerably less chemicals in the clean up process."

If you're looking for clothes that truly capture the magic of childhood, be sure to head over to
Lark and Loon!

**Lark and Loon graciously contributes to the Americans for the Arts Foundation which helps to foster the art community nationwide.**

Olive Kids: Bedding for the Big and Little Kids

Slowly but surely, we have transformed my toddler's crib into her "big girl bed". We went from lowering the mattress, to taking down one rail, to transitioning to a full-on bed with no rails (up against a wall). Sure, it's a tad bit smaller than a twin size but all thirty-four inches of her (including at least 10 stuffed animals) fits onto it just swimmingly.

Speaking of swimming, for the entire month of March, the Mermaids kid's bedding is on sale at Olive Kids. The Mermaids' designs are so colorful and cuddly. Along with the bedding, you will find other matching room decor, such as; the Mermaids clock, wall border and framed prints to name a few. Some items can also be personalized. Click HERE to view all of the Mermaids' items at OK. This is one of the things that I love most about Olive Kids, they give you the ability to coordinate your child's room decor and accessories.

Now, I opted for OK's brand new Tea Party design for our bedding, since we have more of a "pretty in pink" kind of theme going on. Nothing says "big girl room" like tea cups and muffins! I love the light-weight, cotton comforter and sheet set. There have been some peaceful nights in our house now that she's all cuddled up in her Tea Party toddler bedding.

Olive Kids has a great selection of colorful, fun designs for both boys and girls alike. Whenever I am in search of some new decor and accessories, I always turn to Olive Kids because I know their selections will not disappoint.

News of interest:
-OK is offering free shipping on orders over $175 within the continental U.S. until May 31, 2008.
-Sign up for the OK catalog and email list and you're automatically entered to win a $25 gift certificate (offered on a monthly basis)
-OK has an Outlet sales store
-OK also has sales!
-It's easy for you to hear about what's current at OK by reading and subscribing to the OK blog!

Check out the big girl Tea Party bed!

Prima Princessa: Dreaming of Ballerinas

It's no secret that I have a punk rock princess running around my house. I hope some day, she fronts the top selling punk or indie rock band and is adored by millions. Though, if she's going to be any good at dancing around on the stage at all, she's going to need to master some coordination. Therefore, while she's still a punk rock princess in diapers, she's going to have to become a ballerina.

Prima Princessa is just the help we needed. The Prima Princessa DVD features scenes from the ballet, Swan Lake, performed by the Paris Opera Ballet. It's quite an adventure for some pre-school-aged girls who are featured in the DVD, dancing around and having a blast in their tutus. Guided by the animated fairy herself (to your right), Prima Princessa, your little princess is able to live this adventure right along with them.

My toddler has fallen in love with this DVD. She asks for her "princess" movie all of the time. She likes to try to mimic the dance sequences and I just watch on with a huge smile across my face. It won't be long now...

Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake is available in DVD format for $19.99 by clicking HERE. You can view a short video clip by clicking HERE. While you're at it, print out some coloring pages HERE. We're really into the printing out of coloring pages right now.


We have TWO copies of Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake to give away to TWO of our readers!


Answer two questions. Submit your answers to the following questions to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with "Princessa" in the subject line:

Question 1: "How many coloring pages are available on the Prima Princessa website?" (Hint: read my last paragraph above for link)

Question 2: "What are the names of the moms behind the Prima Princessa DVD?" (Hint: click HERE)

Two winners will be chosen at random and notified via email on Wednesday, March 26th at 10PM CST.

Good luck! (Oh, and check out my little punk rock princess ballerina in action below!)

PS: Want to double your chances of winning one of these fabulous DVDs? Click over and visit Amanda's site and enter her giveaway too!

The Learning Tower: The best addition to our home

My daughter is two and a half and loves to be where all of the action is. Cue The Learning Tower. I couldn't ask for a more sturdy, multi-use stool in our home for her age. We have our Learning Tower up against our breakfast bar/kitchen island. She climbs up to have breakfast in the morning, among other things like playing with play dough or "bathing" her toys in the sink. It's a Godsend, I'll tell you. Instead of her milling around under us, she props herself up in her "tower" (as she calls it) and watches/interacts from our level.

Some of the fantastic features of this piece of furniture are the adjustable (no tools needed) notches to raise and lower the floor, depending upon your child's height/age. The Learning Tower is available in three different stains; dark cherry, ebony and soft white. It is also available in a natural finish (lead-free).

An added plus is the Playhouse Kit. We've put on some pretty fabulous puppet shows using the roof and curtains. The Playhouse Kit is sold separately.

If you need to know anything else about The Learning Tower, head over to the manufacturer's website, little Partners. There you can view the numerous awards that have been given and find a list of retailers.

*The Learning Tower is available for the lowest price ($179.99) at Kiddin' Around. You can also purchase it together with the Playhouse Kit there.

Blast from the past: The Mr. Men Show (and Little Misses too)

Have you checked out the new Mr. Men show on Cartoon Network yet? It's been on the air since the beginning of February and it's super cute! The Mr. Men show can been seen on the Cartoon Network, weekdays at 9am e/p. Check out this clip:

In case you weren't already aware, because you missed that part of your childhood, the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters came from a book series created by Roger Hargreaves in the early 1970's. As a child, I was the owner of these books and always adored these characters. It's so fun to see them brought to life, even at age 30.

When asked how the new t.v. series differs from the book series, the execs at Cartoon Network responded:

"The show was inspired by the personalities of the characters in the book series and the producers took great care to preserve the essence of the original and at the same time re-interpret it for a new medium and with today’s audience in mind."
Also, when asked what their thoughts were on the appropriate age for viewing the Mr. Men t.v. series was, they responded:
"Like all great comedy, The Mr. Men Show appeals to a wide age range, with the younger kids enjoying the slapstick humor and the older kids enjoying the verbal wit. The Mr. Men Show captures the magic behind what makes kids fall in love with cartoons --- hilarious physical humor and beloved personality-driven characters."
We've been spending some time at the Mr. Men website, meeting the characters and playing their games. The game with Mr. Bump has my toddler belly laughing. You just move asteroids to bump him around when he falls from the sky. She thinks it's the cat's meow. We've played almost all of the games and I can say my favorite by far is the one with Mr. Grumpy. All you do is click on birds and they poop on him. Seriously. How much more entertainment do we need than that? Some other notably fun games were with Mr. Messy (drawing) and Mr. Quiet (swatting flies). We'll be printing out free coloring pages to decorate and send to the fam too.

If you happen to fall in love with these adorable characters all over again, make sure you head over to Food Fight, as you know from my previous post, they sell a handful of the Little Miss and Mr. Men tees for the tots!

Let us know if you've watched the Mr. Men show and what you think!

Food Fight (hide the evidence, change your shirt)

Geez, another food post, you say? Noooo...Food Fight is an eBoutique that carries a lot of fun apparel (onesies and tees) for the kiddos.

They offer tees and onesies (newborn to 6) from many popular brands including, Jeeto!, Childish and Red Decco to name a few.

We're currently digging on this awesome "Little Miss Fun" tee by Junk Food. Talk about bringing me back to my childhood days.

I was delighted with the packaging of the Food Fight tee. It was packaged as a "hot dog". That is just one of a couple of different gift wrap options they have.

The owners of Food Fight enjoy giving back. $1 of every sale goes to, a not-for-profit organization that provides school supplies to public school classrooms in need.

Hope you have a chance to head over to Food Fight and take a look around today!

Food for Thought

Since we're on the topic of organic consumption, we have coupons good for ONE FREE package of Boca Meatless Products (each coupon good up to a $3.99 value) for FOUR winners (three coupons per winner). They expire on March 31st, so this contest will end tomorrow, Wednesday, 3/19/08 at 10PM CST.


Send an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with your name and mailing address. We'll send out the coupons on Thursday morning so you should have plenty of time to redeem them.

Good luck!

Drink for Thought

The word "organic" seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongues these days but what does organic really mean?

A well-known dairy company called "Horizon Organic" will explain to you first hand how important consuming organic products is. Their products are free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, which means they are healthier for you and your family.

Horizon's products are certified organic and I can tell you from my own experience, they taste great. I don't know if it's the fact that they are produced with care and concern for the consumer's health but there is something about the taste that makes me come back for more. I'm confident with giving my toddler Horizon products
because I know they care more about quality than quantity, therefore better products are produced.

We have three coupons for a FREE Horizon Organic product (up to a $4.99 value) for three winners. The coupons expire 7/31/08. To enter, leave a comment on this post with your contact information. Feel free to let us know if you've ever tried Horizon products before. Winner will chosen at random (not based on feedback) tomorrow, Wednesday, 3/19/08 at 10PM CST. Click HERE for a list of retailers that carry Horizon products. That is how you will know if you are near one to be able to use the coupon if you win. Unfortunately, these coupons can not be used online.

Good luck!

PS: If you have a chance, check out Horizon's website for recipes and health tips, as well as games and coloring pages for the little ones!

How Do You Spell Relief?

These two have put a major roadblock in my already limited blogging life...and that's ok, except for the fact that I haven't found much time to tell you about more fab products or to give away cool stuff! Fortunately, you all know I have an awesome partner in review land that we can all depend on. So a big thanks to Amy, who has held this little blog together while I feed, diaper, wipe tears and peanut butter from faces, chase, shush, and just try to keep my hair washed every other day. :) I think I'll probably have this all under control in about 5 years.

That being said, I have found some moments of solace in this hectic environment. Along with the chaos of having a newly-turned-two year old and a newborn comes some pain. I totally forgot how, well, awful the first weeks of breastfeeding are. Thankfully, other people know this, and do what they can to help us sore moms out. The Shower Hug is a soft, knit terry velour towel that you wrap around sore breasts to protect them from the harshness of the shower. It is a God send! I'm still "recovering" from the first few days of Lennon and his extremely aggressive nursing (the kid is hungry!), and the Shower Hug has been a welcome relief. I also wear it at night, instead of a nursing bra. It's so soft and comfortable! You can see for yourself all of the great benefits of the Shower Hug here, and also learn how to wear it here. I can not tell you how grateful I am to have found this product. Before I got it, I was wincing at the thought of showering, but now, I welcome this part of the day. I am so glad I got the "hug" that I was in desperate need of! Thanks, Belmama & Cherub!

Fadiddle: For the Under Six Crowd

I found out about Fadiddle a while ago because I saw their "Future Blogger" design. In all of my days of researching boutiques, I have never come across a future blogger tee for my toddler. Anyone who knows me, knows that my husband and I are avid bloggers. We're recruiting our daughter into the blogosphere too. So, you can imagine why the boutique who offers this design stuck with me. The "Future Blogger" design isn't the only one that caught my eye over at Fadiddle. There's grumpapotomous and newb among many other embroidered, one-of-a-kind phrases and designs to choose from.

The fine, fine couple (Caleb and Deb) from the earthy city Portland, OR, who make these spectacular pieces of clothing ask but only one thing of you...that you love their work and your children wear their apparel until there is nothing but a shred of material left. If you ask me, that doesn't seem like such a hard thing to do.

If you have questions for the Fadaddle team, such as where you can purchase their products don't hesitate to contact them via EMAIL.

Here's Hailey with her Comfy PC wearing her Future Blogger long sleeve tee. See, I told you she's the future of blogging!

In The Motherhood: For Moms, By Moms

If you're not already familiar, In The Motherhood is a series of stories online written by real moms, for moms. What is unique is that you can submit your stories, have them voted on and if your story wins, you can watch it acted out by professional actors. Starring in the second season of these fabulous webisodes are Leah Remini (The King of Queens fame), Jenny McCarthy (model/actress/author) and Chelsea Handler (stand-up comedian). Check out this webisode from the second season, "Infamous 3rd Date" where Chelsea Handler's character, Heather, gets a little "surprise":

The shows are a hoot! I think it's fantastic that we can share our real life situations with other parents in this way and really get a good laugh out of them. Unfortunately, the submissions are closed for this season but I suggest we all keep an eye out for the debut of season three and if you're anything like me, I'm sure you'll have a couple of good stories to share too and who of these fine actresses may just play the part of YOU!

In coordination with In The Motherhood and Suave, we have a fabulous Suave prize package (including a couple of other goodies) for one lucky MTW reader!


Leave a comment on this post, including your first name and email address. You can type out your email address like this: yourname at yahoo (we'll know it's dot com unless you specify otherwise).

Feel free to share any of your disasterous/hilarious parenting stories in your comment if you'd like! A winner will be chosen (at random, not based on comment) at 10 PM, Wednesday, March 19th. Good luck!

While you're waiting to find out if you're the winner, head over to In the Motherhood's website to read some great stories and join the discussions on the message boards.

Baby Star: Safe for Baby

A safe choice for parents in baby products can be found at Baby Star. All of the products from this company are *formaldehyde-free. What exactly does that mean? It means you, your baby and the environment are safe.

Baby Star has a wonderful selection of bibs, blankets, burps and many other comforting baby items to choose from. They also carry the new Caribou bassinet and accessories, which I happen to be very fond of. Baby Star has been offering safe, cuddly and unique products since 2006 and these products are available for purchase at select children's boutiques around the world. You can also find Baby Star products online at select eBoutiques.

We've been putting the four square pink bib to use around our house lately and in my opinion, I think it's a great quality bib.

*While I was searching formaldehyde information for my review, I came across THIS article from National Geographic's Green Guide. I thought it would be of some interest, so I included it.


Thrown off by the acronyms? I'll translate...

MumsTheWurd and The Ultimate Blog Party. :) Better? Good.

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

For those of you who are venturing over here to MumsTheWurd dot com from The UBP, there are a couple of things you should know:

a) We JUST celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Yay for us!

b) We JUST finished up over a week's worth of fantabulous giveaways...hopefully you were already a visitor and were able to hit up some of those giveaways, if not, no worries. We ALWAYS have giveaways here!

That being said, welcome to our fun little review site where we pretty much hang out because of YOU. We love promoting parenting and baby/kid-related products and hosting giveaways. We're always looking for ways to promote our site and get the wUrd out there so no one misses out on the unique products found on the web. We're glad you stopped by and we're really hoping you decide to visit us on a regular basis. Have a blast blog-hopping during the Ultimate Blog Party! We hope you all find some great new sites to bookmark and visit this week!

On with the goodies! Are we crazy? We just gave away a TON of stuff and here we are giving away something AGAIN. That's our modus operandi here...get used to it. :)

We've decided to host our own little prize package over here this week but if you're a participant of the UBP, then you already know that there are a load of fantastic prizes up for grabs over there. If you haven't visited the UBP at 5 Minutes for Mom, then, GEEZ, get over there and see what all the fuss is about! Feel free to enter our giveaway here and good luck on all of those other freebies there! Holy bloggy fun, batman!


In coordination with the Ultimate Blog Party week, we're giving away a nice treat for the ladies - a Peppermint Pattie Pedi ($55 value)! Holy Pete this gift pack smells good. If you're a chocolate and peppermint lover, you'll be in heaven because it smells good enough to eat but don't because it's for your feet. This scrumptious pedi-pack is brought to you by Klean Bath & Body.

The gift pack includes: Devil Made me Do it chocolate sugar polish, Peppermint Dream Whipped Shea Body Butter, Peppermint Bath Syrup and Peppermint Dream KLEAN Mist, pumice stone, scrub brush, toe separators and a pair of Spa Sister socks to put on to keep all of that yummy moisturizing goodness in after you treat your feet.


Just leave a comment on this post with your first name and email address (can be typed like this: yourname at yahoo - we'll know it's a "dot com" unless you specify otherwise).

In your entry comment, let us know if you're coming over from the UBP at 5 Minutes for Mom or if you're planning on heading there to enter all of their fab prizes after you enter our giveaway.

Contest ends when the UBP ends, March 14th, 2008. We'll contact our winner via email at the end of the day. This contest is only open to residents of the continental U.S.

GOOD LUCK and tell your friends we are number 598 on the Ultimate Blog Party participant list!

MumsTheWurd Turns ONE!


Hard to believe where an entire year has gone but here we are, one year later and we're kicking off our FIRST anniversary with a bunch of fabulous GIVEAWAYS for YOU!

Now, on to the BIG FUN! We have a BUNCH of AMAZING products to give away during our First Anniversary Bash. This post will remain at the top of our site until the end of the celebration.

Here are our First Anniversary Bash details/giveaway rules:

  • We will post a giveaway each day for each prize. You will have to visit each giveaway post to enter for it's prize.
  • Each giveaway *may* be run a little differently than the other, so please follow the details on each one that you wish to enter.
  • Feel free to enter each giveaway! You (bloggers and non-bloggers) may enter each giveaway only ONCE, UNLESS the details of that certain giveaway specifies otherwise.
  • Below is a celebration banner and code if you'd like to place it in a post or on your blog, inviting others to come and join the fun. Note: you are not required to do this in order to enter any of the contests but we sure would appreciate the exposure! The more, the merrier.

  • All giveaways will end on Thursday March 6th at midnight and winners will be announced on our "official" anniversary date, Friday, March 7th on this post. Check back here to find out if you've won. Again, please follow the specific entry details on each giveaway so you know how to enter.
  • Do not comment on this post to enter, please click on the individual links below to enter any of the giveaways separately.

The following boutiques/companies have graciously offered up some incredible prizes for you to win on OUR anniversary! Click the links below each logo to be taken to that individual post/giveaway to enter.

$250 gift certificate to Zutano's eBoutique

Animal Bag ($60 value) from Boon
WINNER: Sandy M.

$200 Gift Certificate to Natural Pod's online eBoutique

Win a Kaboost ($38 value)
Winner: Sarah D.

THE MYSTERY PRIZE GIVEAWAY - A box of Tootsie Roll products!
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ENTER THE MYSTERY PRIZE GIVEAWAY - A box of Tootsie Roll products!
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Two Brown 2008 BusyBodyBooks for two winners ($16.95 value)
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DAY NINE: 3/5/08 - ENTER THE LITTLE LAUREATE GIVEAWAY - Win Little Laureate's "My World Gallery" and "My World Colors" DVD/CD sets ($70 value)
Winner: Shoppin Momma

Thank you to all of our readers and boutiques for making this such a fun year for us! We love introducing you to all of these unique products and believe us, there are many more out there! We plan to continue bringing you all of the best ideas and new products to help ease you through the wonderful world of parenting. 2008 should be an even better year and we hope you will continue visiting us and the boutiques we feature every day!