The I Dream Baby Product Line

Want the best for your baby's skin? Then I Dream Baby from Isabella's Dream is for you. Their products contain a thoughtful, soothing blend of organic, wildcrafted or substainably grown therapeutic grade essential oils; and never have I smelled anything more wonderful! It's nice to know that what your putting on your child aren't chemicals and detergents, but organic, chemical-free products. I started using this on Lennon from his second or third bath and I'm telling you, he smells so good! It's also keeping his delicate skin so soft. The baby oil is great for cradle cap too. I rubbed a little on his head and the next day there was no evidence of that flaky scalp. carries the I Dream Baby line and many other earth-friendly items. They are dedicated to helping preserve the environment in the items they sell and how they run their business. Check out Buy Green, as you will find all sorts of things for your home and your family, as well as your business!

Isabella's Dream also offers products for adults, teens and children as well. Their line includes skin care, hair care and sun care - all without harsh chemicals, synthetics, or anything harmful. Get some for your whole family. You're guaranteed to love it!