Dan Zanes: The Complete Collection!

A long time ago, we told you about Dan Zanes.  Since then, we've aquired his entire collection, and I have to be honest here...IT IS ALL AMAZING!  Both Amy and I consider ourselves "music snobs", of sorts.  Before Dan, you wouldn't catch me within 100 miles of a children's music cd.  While I'm sure The Wiggles have their merits, I just can't bring myself to even find out what their colorful outfits and that giant octopus are all about.  Dan, however, caught our attention when we saw his crazy hair appear right before our eyes on Playhouse Disney.  He was dancing around in his checkered socks, making eggs, and singing something about catching a train...and it didn't suck!  At all!  It was good!  Who was this mysterious man with the wacky hair?  Since then, we've fallen in love with his music.  It's catchy and fun without the sap.  Dan Zanes and Friends music crosses many spectrums and generations, from old folk favorites, sea and train songs, to tunes you can dance to with your family around the kitchen!  Trust me, you will ALL like Dan Zanes (even the most skeptical among you!)!  All of the CDs come in board book form with colorful pictures with artwork by Donald Saaf that your little one will enjoy (and can't destroy!) and tons of songs.  I am currently partial to Night Time, that includes special guest singers like Lou Reed and Aimee Mann (other CDs include Sheryl Crow, Debbie Harry, Suzanne Vega, The Blind Boys of Alabama, and many, many others).
The thing that draws me most to Dan Zanes' is his focus on the family aspect of music.  Good music is not something that just adults should listen to!  For our household, it's something we intend to share together, especially while our kids our young and under our musical schooling.  Dan Zanes and Friends is bringing everyone together for a truly great music experience.  Go and start building your collection today!