The Big Kids Want Great Shoes Too!

We've all heard about Robeez, right? The awesome, soft-soled shoes that are all the rage? They're also featured to your left on the cute feet of Lennon in the striped pants. Those of you with new walkers have probably thought to yourselves, "I loved Robeez, but my kid has outgrown them now that he can walk!" Well, fear no more, friends! Robeez have moved beyond the house and out the door for young walkers...Robeez Tredz are the newest thing to hit the streets and everyone's talking them up at a playground near you.

Personally, I love these shoes. Noel's Evan's, pictured on the legs with the "dog camo" (background), are so soft and look super comfortable. These aren't shoes you have to "break in" or "get used to". Noel loved them right away and was off and running in them from the first wear! They also seem to run big. He's got a pretty big foot (8-9) and he's still got a lot of room in these.

Don't be sad that your baby has grown into a walker! Show him working those legs in a new pair of Robeez Tredz!