Mama Knows Breast

Ah...the joys of breastfeeding. Let's not mince words-breastfeeding isn't easy. It GETS easy after you've done it long enough, but those first few days and weeks can be a barrage of emotion. "Am I doing it right?" "Is my baby gaining weight?" "Will I ever sleep again?" My personal favorite, "WILL MY MILK EVER COME IN?"

Mama Knows Breast, by Andi Silverman takes a lighthearted approach to telling first time moms the ins and outs of breastfeeding. Mama Knows Breast covers the breastfeeding basics, and reassures you that IT WILL BE OK! There will be people that will disagree with this statement, but Andi also reassures those that find breastfeeding to be too overwhelming, that that's ok too. However, she provides the reader with a laundry list of breastfeeding resources in the back of the book. My friends, it can be done-and Andi has given us a great list of where to go (also available on her website!) if you are having problems.

Mama Knows Breast is witty, and informative, as well as a quick read. The time I have to dedicate to reading consists of about 5 minutes before bed before I fall asleep, and I had this book finished in about 3 days. I appreciate a book on breastfeeding that isn't overly militant and pushy-even being the strong advocate for it that I am. It is my belief that those types of reads can turn off those that may be sitting the fence on whether or not to breastfeed, and MKB certainly did not do that.

If you're a to-be first time mom (or even if you've already done it and need a refresher course), or need a great shower gift, pick up a copy of Mama Knows Breast. Get ready to use them as they were intended to be used-to bring the best nourishment possible to a new life!

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