Hot Fun

I haven't really represented the "smart, responsible shopper" side of myself well yet, so today I present to you my latest, inexpensive find:

Although it wasn't too hot yesterday, we just had to test this puppy out...and oh, what an IMMEDIATE HIT it was!!!  I made him get out after just a few minutes because the water wasn't exactly he leaned over the side and threw grass in and splashed around for probably 45 minutes.  When it was time to go in and eat, Noel stood at the door, looking at his pool and crying.  This morning he went and played in it WITHOUT water, and just thought it was the greatest thing ever.  From a kid's vantage point, this pool is enormous...way bigger than the ones they were making when I was a tyke.

This pool is going to be so fun when summer hits us with all it's gusto in Texas.  The best thing about it?  It was $9.99 at Target!  Rock on!