why not laugh while you learn?

we too love leapfrog products (see laura's post below)! i would have to say, the top two brands of children's toys in our house would be leap frog and the fisher price "laugh & learn" collection. we started with the laugh and learn learning house.

we bought this house for our little one for her 1 yr. birthday. she is now 17 months old and just loves it! she's constantly finding new things to play with on the house and never seems to get bored of it (we parents LOVE this).

next, came the laugh & learn musical learning chair. she also received this for her 1 yr. birthday.

at first, she didn't understand to sit on it and play but over the past few months, she loves to sit and play with the objects on the side table. i came across some info from fisher price regarding the musical chair that i thought would be important to pass along. there was a recall on the chair between 5/05 & 1/06. apparently, the chair has been fixed and the safe chair has the green legs and blue seat, as well as the "fisher price" logo on the front of the chair, as shown in the picture.

let's not forget the laugh & learn nursery rhymes cd player!

i bought this at a second-hand store when hailey was about 6 months old. she's always loved this little cd player. she likes pushing the big orange nose and watching it spin. she still dances to the musical nursery rhymes that play out of it.

well, christmastime rolled around and grandma wanted to know what to get for the little miss. i gave her some ideas and one happened to be the laugh & learn learning phone.

this is a GREAT toy to bring with you out on walks or in the car. when you push a button, the screen SHOWS the letter that you've pressed! a great learning tool. this little phone also plays music and it fits in a little spot on the learning house.

recently, hailey has been letting me know when she has gone "poo-poo". so, i decided that it couldn't hurt to be prepared with a potty, just in case she's ready to ditch the diapers. of course, laugh & learn has the cutest little interactive potty!

i suppose i can't really review the functionality of the potty just yet but the toddler sure does love flushing it and playing with the toilet paper roll. we love the "toilet paper" song that comes from it!

last but certainly not least, we received the laugh & learn learning bunny as a gift.

this cute little bunny will for sure bring smiles to your child's face. it is a very "smart" bunny. it knows when it's being carried around or turned upside down and responds appropriately. this bunny definitely makes a great gift and "oooo, HEY" easter is just around the corner!

the items listed above are not the only ones in the fisher price laugh & learn collection. visit the fisher price website to see more great laugh & learn toys.

learning is fun!

i love leapfrog products!
we got these things for noel for christmas:
the night we got this, elliott and i must have played with it for an hour after noel went to bed.  he loves it.  whenever he spins the little shaker, he dances.  he loves flipping the book too.  as he's gotten older, he's started playing with it way more...the thing i like about this, is that it grows with them.  now if my child would just stop climbing on top of it...
these maracas are great too.  one is a regular "shaker" and the other teaches colors, numbers, and sounds...in english & spanish!  i think noel will catch on to them as he gets older.  he actually prefers the shaker to the teacher at this point. however, it's fun when i give him the shaker and take the other one and we shake together!
we've also got this:
baby tad is another toy that noel's come to enjoy more as he's gotten older.  now he get's REALLY excited when you play the songs on tad.  he's still figuring out the buttons, but i love this toy...tad is sweet and wants hugs!
i really believe in leapfrog...i have seen kids that know names of presidents and the capitals of every country in the world by playing with leap toys.  i'm on board!