A Tu Attached to the Tee!

I'm head over heels for all things cutsie for little girls, since I have one of my own as you know. Tu for Tee has made a pretty big impression on me. This three women owned boutique offers tanks, short sleeve and long sleeve tees with a piece of tulle attached at the bottom. The second I put the Tu for Tee on my toddler, she was spinning around and saying, "Look-a-meeee, I'm beauOOOtiful!" If something this simple and adorable can set off the sparkle in my baby's eyes, then color me sold.

The long sleeve, thermal tee is extremely soft, light-weight and stretchy and she gets to wear her tutu all day long. I'll find her stopping in mid-play to look down and admire it. I figured I'd end up with a girlie-girl.

The tanks, perfect for summer frolicking, retail for $39.99. The tees retail for $44.00 and the long sleeve tees retail for $49.99.

If you have a little ballerina-in-the-making like I do, head over to Tu for Tee and browse through their line of adorable tees!