Today, it seems like we're concerned about everything involving our children (which we should be, of course). Does their food contain too much sugar? Is it organic? Does their diaper cream have anything harmful in it? Is our tap water safe for them to drink? The list goes on and on. Something you don't hear people worrying about much are what shoes we're putting on our children's feet. However, this is one of THE most important things we should be concerned with when it comes to our little ones health. These are two things that will literally get them through the rest of their lives. So, that being said, what should we put on their precious little baby toes? Pediped!

Why Pediped? Lots of reasons! The creators of Pediped say it best:

Our parents were taught that children learning to walk needed stiff, hard-soled shoes for support. Today we know better. As the feet of young children are soft and pliable, pressure from the wrong type of shoe can be detrimental to the development of their feet.

Pediatricians now recommend that children up to two years of age go barefoot (when practical and safe) or wear lightweight, flexible footwear. This enables children’s feet to grow naturally and to develop musculature and strength. A soft-soled shoe also enables them to sense the ground beneath their feet and to grasp with their toes as they learn how to walk.

Pediped shoes will offer your child comfort and style, and contribute to better foot health. They're built to endure all that your new walker will surely put them through. They're soft, yet durable! Not only are they the next best thing to bare feet, but they're cute as heck too! Check the huge variety of styles for boys and girls alike! If you're unsure of sizing, you can check here.
Noel is pictured here in his Liam's (do you think they sent me this pair on purpose because they're Oasis fans?). Hailey is daintily showing off her little Victoria's. We've also featured a great friend of the Mums, Gillian, showing off her Katelyn's. They all look comfortable, yet fabulous!For the perfect gift, or just a really great pre-walker and new walker shoe, be sure to check out Pediped!

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