VedaPure and it's lines, VedaBaby, VedaMama, and VedaDude are the creation of Natalie Geary, MD, who's goal is to bring you the most safe and effective skincare for your whole family!

VedaPure offers products for your little one that will freshen, soothe, cool, calm, heal and more. Noel received the Soothe, Cool, and Butt Plus. The Soothe is so silky! I couldn't believe how soft his skin felt afterward! The VedaCool was nice after a hot afternoon at the park, and the Butt Plus is, without a doubt, the best diaper cream I have used to date.

VedaMama has products to make you purified, nurtured, and even scrumptious! This mama received the Supple, which will hopefully save my tummy from stretch marks during this pregnancy. I was also invited to try Purify, which smells amazing and feels so refreshing.

The best thing about VedaPure is that you need not worry about using something on yourself or your child that has anything but all natural-ingredients. I would be in heaven if I could afford to exclusively buy VedaPure!