The Cradle

Are you sick to death of BabyCenter? There's a new pregnancy and new parent website in town, and it's kicking BabyCenter to the curb.

The Cradle launched TODAY and it's pretty darn sweet. One look around The Cradle, and you'll be breathing a huge sigh of relief that you've stumbled upon this site. Finally, a pregnancy and baby site with STYLE!

Need some help with the baby basics, like picking a name or a nursery theme? Never fear, click here! Want to learn more about being an "eco-parent"? Go shopping and find out about the most coveted items that the cool kids have. Want to know about etiquette when going over to new a new mom & dad's house? Here's an article (and everything they say is RIGHT ON!). There's even a dad's section with non-condescending articles (what?!?!)! Create your own Cradle page for free and make a pregnancy & beyond website of your very own for your family and friends to share, send an e-announcement, follow your daily pregnancy, and more.

If you're an expectant parent, an already-a-parent parent, friend or family member to someone with a baby-basically, if you're anyone, you need to go check out The Cradle right this minute. You will love it!