grandma rocks!

for the largest variety in screen printed items, head over to there you will find everything and anything you could possibly want your children's clothing, bibs, hats, etc. to say. hailey is the proud owner of a few different cafepress designs and she wears them proudly!

*also, please take note. we've added a "grandparent's corner" off to the right on the sidebar, just above the mum's index. we will continue to list great places for grandparents to do some shopping for the little apple's of their eyes!


as my husband's been working on his ebay store & his own blog, he came across this very cool doll maker. she won me over with her username, veruka salt, and then i saw this!

isn't it cute??? she does specialty items too. noel's got a tv doll coming to him soon! go & check her out and get yourself a kooky doll of your own.