the mighty mighty costco, part II

i agree with laura. we recently signed up for a costco membership out here in the chicago suburbs. i've never really thought these "bulk" store memberships were worth it though, especially for a family of two (or three). however, now that we have the membership, i'm trying to make good use of it.

with the addition of hailey to our little family, i see how quickly things go; snacks, drinks, DIAPERS. i utilize costco mostly for the following items:

* diapers - per laura's recommendation. we use the kirkland diapers (costco's brand). they are very similar to huggies. they're working for us so i'll definitely recommend them.

* wipes - can't get enough of these things! again, these are the kirkland wipes. i have a pack of these in the car, on the dining room table, in the living room and in the bedroom. these suckers will pick up ANY mess.

* veggies / fruit - great deals on these items. if you like to make up a quick fruit bowl or veggie tray, my suggestion is to get them at costco. VERY cheap and you get a lot.

* snacks - i buy the welch's fruit snacks for hailey. she LOVES them. you can get a huge box that lasts FOREVER.

* clothes - costco carries carters clothing. wow...that's a lot of "c's". i've purchased a few very cute outfits there.

there are other random items that we pick up at costco on a regular basis. it's just a great place to get a lot of what you need, things that tend to go fast when you have a toddler around!