First Anniversary Bash: Day Two - Boon

I'm a picky mom when it comes to toy storage in my house. I don't want too many storage bins or toy boxes lying around with toys hanging out of them. One little predicament we managed to get ourselves into was too many of those furry friends piling up, also known as "stuffed animals". The more we weed out, the more we accumulate. I know that we will have a never-ending supply of stuffed animals for years to come.

A unique manufacturer of baby, kid and parenting products by the name of Boon has a sensible solution to your stuffed friend pile-up. It's called the Animal Bag. The Animal Bag is a Godsend. I have freed up so many shelves and toy boxes because of this fabulous invention.

Animal Bags are available in different sizes and colors. Not only are they a perfect storage solution, they are a great option for extra seating. Your child's precious softies are easy to get in and out of the bag thanks to the over sized zippers and mesh windows.

As a part of our First Anniversary Bash, Boon is giving our readers a chance to win an Oval Animal Bag (a $60 retail value)! The winner may choose from two colors, pink or green.



  • First name
  • Email address
  • Your Animal Bag color choice (pink or green)
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YOU MUST LEAVE CONTACT INFO IN YOUR COMMENT. I can't stress that enough. Even if you have a blog, please leave your first name and email address in your comment. We always feel bad if we pick a winner that ends up being unreachable. We need to be able to reach you via email if you win. You can even type your email address in this fashion: name at yahoo dot com, in case you're worried about the spam robots. We hate them too.

Check out THIS post for more official anniversary bash news and rules (don't let the words "official" and "rules" scare you. We're really nice people, I swear).


..and don't forget, there are going to be MORE prizes offered each day this week. Visit THIS POST to find the links to enter them all! A new, active giveaway will be announced each day.

Check out all that Boon has to offer related to feeding, storage, bath/potty, newborn/toddler jewelry and their newest product, Boon Layette (coming Spring 2008!

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