Boon: They've done it again!

Laura and I have much love for Boon products and the individuals who bring them to us. You've heard us talk about the Frog Pod and the Potty Bench already. Now it's time to focus on Boon's new feeding line, made available to the world in November 2007. Seriously, this stuff makes me want to have another baby just so I have an excuse to use these products! One item in particular that I would have loved to have had the opportunity to use is Squirt (retail $7.99). Squirt is an all-in-one feeding spoon. You fill the "handle" of the spoon with baby food (up to 3 oz.) and just squeeze to dispense just the right amount of food onto the spoon. I may just use it with my toddler anyway because it's so freaking awesome. Another new feeding tool that I think is the cat's meow is the Benders spoon and fork set (retail $5.99). You can "bend" the utensils in a way that is comfortable for your eater-in-training. They assist in making the transition to regular utensils. Here's another new favorite, the no-spill toddler cup called Fluid (retail $5.99). Fluid is BPA FREE. You know that the discussion about BPA in our bottles and sippy cups has been all over the news recently. Well, ease your mind and pick up Fluid from Boon. The toddler cup holds up to 9 oz. of liquid and is easy to grip because of it's ergonomic, two-handed design.

The rest of the new feeding line can be viewed by clicking HERE. If you have a baby shower to attend, be the one with the most unique and affordable gift there, give items from Boon's new feeding line!

BRAND NEW in 2008, Boon will introduce their Layette line. There is some seriously cute apparel in this line! We can't wait until it's released this spring so we can talk it up even more. Also, check out Boon's new line of handcrafted, solid sterling silver bracelets for newborns and toddlers. Attention Grandparents and Godparents: Gift alert! Gift alert! =)

Boon products can be purchased at select boutiques and online. The Frog Pod can generally be purchased at a Target store near you.