Seeking CEO for Family - Excellent Opportunity!

Dear Applicant:

We received your application for the Family CEO position. We would like to extend this rewarding opportunity to you, as we think you are a great fit for the position. You have made an exciting, yet challenging career choice. In case we forgot to mention this in the job description, you'll be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (plus overtime) without breaks or insurance. All of this in addition to your current career obligations. Oh, one last thing...your annual salary is $0. Welcome to the team!

Your Family

PS: We'll need you to take out the garbage and make dinner, too.

Does that sound a lot like your career?

Maybe it's time to read "Desperate Households", a very well written home management book by America's Family Manager, Kathy Peel.

I had the distinct honor to meet and have lunch with Kathy at last month's BlogHer Conference. This woman is so passionate about family management that it is hard not to lend her an ear. She passed along some fantastic tips, one being the four "F" words of motherhood. They are Fair, Firm, Fun, Flexible and they are all very reasonable expectations of a mother who is cool, calm, collected and in control of her and her family's lives.

Aside from her most important job of wife and mother of three, Kathy is also founder and CEO of Family Manager Network, Inc. and AOL Body's Kids & Family Coach. She also writes for popular magazines such as, Family Circle, Reader's Digest, Parenting and HomeLife. Kathy's signature "Family Manager Makeover" stories have been featured on Oprah and HGTV, among various other networks and programs. If that isn't enough, she is also a breast cancer survivor. Girl can multi-task!

Kathy's newest book, Desperate Households is just one of her 18 top selling family management books. It is full of realistic solutions to common problems that life is sure to throw your way. I know that I have much to accomplish if I am to succeed at my career as Family CEO but I am confident in my success because of the passion that exudes from someone like Kathy. I will continue to refer to this book on a regular basis as a means of reaffirming my career choice.


We have a copy of Desperate Households to give away to one lucky MTW reader!

Two things you need to do to enter:

1. Comment on this post with just ONE of your "job" responsibilities. I know this will be difficult, as we Family CEO's wear MANY hats but just one is all we need.

2. Sk*rt this post! Just click the "Sk*rt This" button at the bottom of this post. (Sk*rt is a place to find and/or link to anything and everything on the web that you'd like to share.)
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Once again, please include your email address so we are able to contact you if you win.

This giveaway ends on Monday, August 27th at 10:00 pm CST.

Good luck (and I really mean it because this book is a must-read!)

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