Decorating is Easy

Although I have grand ideas, they don't always become realities, and I am sure a lot of parents out there can agree. There are great plans, then there is a little thing we call life and raising children that can keep even the simplest of tasks from happening. That is where Fun To See can help! Fun To See is a simple way to make your children's rooms go from a boring, indistinct paint job, into something unique and cool!

I received the Outer Space pack, and it has really jazzed up Noel's room! I had painted his room before he was born, and I love the design, but this has added a whole new element of interesting things for him to discover-the "noom" and "stahs" are his favorites! It also fits in well with the night-time theme I had already created. Unfortunately, my computer is acting squirrelly, and the pictures won't load, so you can't see exactly how great Fun to See looks.

Fun To See offers lots of different designs, including the ever-popular "Cars" and "Disney Princesses", along with groovy flowers, and jungles. Fun To See is also incredibly easy to use. We had the whole shebang done in about an hour. It also comes with plenty of big, easily adhered stickers, so the room promises to not look one bit sparse.

Parents and kids alike are digging the ease and function of Fun To See. If you've got good ideas, but no time to put them into action, consider an easy and cool decorating solution...check out Fun to See!