It's Time to WAKE UP!

Are you ready to get up and bang your head? Rockosaurus Rex is the perfect album to listen to if you want to teach your child the rules of rock early on in his or her life. I bet you've never heard of a rock band full of dinosaurs, have you? Well, listen up!

Their debut album, "The Big Bang", is full of high energy rock and heavy metal versions of your classic children's songs. This album will either have you flashing the "rock" sign or have you pulling out your hair and running from the room. Either way, your kids are sure to LOVE it!

Here is a sample song from the album, "Six Little Ducks". This radio-friendly, power-pop tune will have you bopping your head in no time.

mp3: Six Little Ducks - Rockosaurus Rex

"The Big Bang" is available for purchase at: