Stardust Kids Rock

I grew up listening to music, almost any kind, which eventually evolved into punk rock. I loved the music and the lifestyle. Here I am, 30 years old and I still love me some good punk rock music. My tastes are now rubbing off on my two year old. Ok, ok, I dress her but I can only hope that she appreciates the kind of indie lifestyle that I do.

Cue Stardust. Stardust has been around since 1998 and located in the UK. Owner Geraldine Bedford started out her company by selling greeting cards and cuff links but over time and with the addition of her child, she was inspired to branch out and sell unique clothes (for adults and children), kid's instruments, toys and more.

I am particularly fond of the two shirts you see pictured on my daughter to the left. Her "Hailey is a punk" tee (16.50 GBP) is quite fitting, as is her "Pixie" long sleeve tee (15.00 GBP). Both shirts are great quality.

Stardust has a physical store location in London (294 Milkwood Road, Herne Hill, London, SE24 0EZ. Tel: 020 7737 0199) and even has the option of becoming a Party Agent (host your own parties and sell Stardust items).

Check out their online store, there are tons of rockin' items for mums and tots! Stardust is offering a special discount to MumsTheWurd readers. Enter code "MUMSTHEWURD" in the coupon code box at checkout for 25% off of your order.