How Do You Spell Relief?

These two have put a major roadblock in my already limited blogging life...and that's ok, except for the fact that I haven't found much time to tell you about more fab products or to give away cool stuff! Fortunately, you all know I have an awesome partner in review land that we can all depend on. So a big thanks to Amy, who has held this little blog together while I feed, diaper, wipe tears and peanut butter from faces, chase, shush, and just try to keep my hair washed every other day. :) I think I'll probably have this all under control in about 5 years.

That being said, I have found some moments of solace in this hectic environment. Along with the chaos of having a newly-turned-two year old and a newborn comes some pain. I totally forgot how, well, awful the first weeks of breastfeeding are. Thankfully, other people know this, and do what they can to help us sore moms out. The Shower Hug is a soft, knit terry velour towel that you wrap around sore breasts to protect them from the harshness of the shower. It is a God send! I'm still "recovering" from the first few days of Lennon and his extremely aggressive nursing (the kid is hungry!), and the Shower Hug has been a welcome relief. I also wear it at night, instead of a nursing bra. It's so soft and comfortable! You can see for yourself all of the great benefits of the Shower Hug here, and also learn how to wear it here. I can not tell you how grateful I am to have found this product. Before I got it, I was wincing at the thought of showering, but now, I welcome this part of the day. I am so glad I got the "hug" that I was in desperate need of! Thanks, Belmama & Cherub!