The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I don't know about the rest of you, but my child LOVES to read. When people ask me for gift ideas, we're always asking for books, books, and more books! That's why I think The Gifted Grasshopper is so cool. Purchase a gift bag of books, any size, for any age child ranging from babies to 3rd grade-you can even pick the type of books that you want to include!

Aside from the bag o' books and the cute little tote that it comes in, The Gifted Grasshopper goodie bag includes a bookmark, the adorable grasshopper glasses you see on Noel, and a stuffed grasshopper named "Griffin".

Maybe it's the child of a bookstore owner in me, but I think books are just about the best gift you can give. Encouraging children to read is so important-and will hopefully start them on a life-long journey of book adoration! Next time you're wondering what to give the child who has everything already, check out The Gifted Grasshopper!

Belly Bean Designs: Announcing the moments that matter

If you're searching for that perfect announcement, invitation or photo holiday card, look no further. Belly Bean Designs offers sophisticated, professional quality photo cards so you can share your news in style.

Year after year, I am in the market for that unique holiday card that will have my family and friends oohing and ahhing. I'm pleased to know about Belly Bean Designs and will definitely consider them the next time I need to send out a special message.

Belly Bean Designs offers card choices using photo paper, matte or metallic (gorgeous!) or card stock (several different choices in this style). They also offer mounted announcements that are every bit as delicate-looking as your newborn.

Belly Bean Designs is offering MTW readers a 10% discount at their site when you use the code, "BBDtake10" at checkout.

It's Fall, Ya'll! (Bloggy Giveaway Carnival)

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We're here once again participating in the giveaway carnival via Bloggy Giveaways. Kudos to Shannon for hosting such a fantastic carnival!

If you've never visited us over here at, then WELCOME! We are a product review site geared toward parents and children. We hope you'll come back to visit us again!

We are happy to offer these two fabulous prizes to ONE winner:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A gift box of Green Tea scented bubble bath, lotion, shampoo, pillow mist, tea light candle and body scrub. Also, a cute cotton apron from (oops)!


Please send an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with FALL in the subject line. Winner will be chosen on Sunday, November 4th at 10 PM CST.

Good luck!

*Don't forget to stop back and check out our BIG holiday scavenger hunt coming up next week!

If you want to be reminded of this BIG event with LOTS of prizes, sign up for our newsletter HERE and you'll get the skinny right away!

Put your thinking caps on!

He's wearing BOOTS!

If you're a big fan of Easy Rider, Planet of the Apes, or Mod fashion, and want to have your child "represent" through their look, you must pick up a pair of Adam Boots from Vincent. Groovy girls will certainly want the Annas, so they can be as tough as the boys, with a feminine flair. Vincent never fails to have the coolest shoes around. These boots are perfect for Fall and Winter weather, and come easily off and on with a side zipper.
Don't you think us adults need to get a petition together so they'll start making these shoes in adult sizes? Who's with me?!?

Special Friends

Lindie and Friends are adorably different. They're definitely not your ordinary doll! They're tailored to bring out your child's imagination. Handmade of soft fleece, each Lindie doll is huggable, hand washable, outfitted in the coolest retro fabric and unique!

Lindie & Friends came straight out of the imagination of the creator's head. Kara Lesondak has always had a passion for toys and remembered as a young child, drawing these odd-shaped characters, much like her dolls are patterned after today.

Kara has also started her own not-for-profit organization that is incomparable-Crafty Kids. She teaches her doll-making skills to a group of children at a school in New York, where she resides. Those children then travel to Kenya to teach other children how to make dolls. Those dolls are then sold, and the profits from sales go directly to the school in Kenya. Ten percent of the sales from Lindie and Friends goes toward Crafty Kids.

These fun and crafty dolls come in all colors and shapes. Find one that looks like your child, or one that you just like! Pictured is Noel with his Joey doll, and Hailey with Beatrice. Both of them love to hug these squishy cuties. As you can see, Hailey and Bea are doing one of Bea's favorite activities, going down the slide (click on each doll's picture to see what they like to do). Unfortunately, Noel does not have a kazoo, but we'll be picking one up soon for Joey, so he can practice. Pick up one of these cool little dolls for that special kid in your life!

They pulled and heaved and tugged and yanked

The Gigantic Turnip is a classic Russian tale that is fun and easy to read, a perfect book to sit and read with your toddler and a great first book for that new little reader. The colorful and whimsical new version of this children's tale also comes with the story narrated on a story-telling CD to follow along.

The Gigantic Turnip is about an old man and an old woman and their difficult time pulling this gigantic turnip out of the ground. They have numerous farm animals who are all willing to lend the old man and old woman a helping...well...hand, I guess. : ) Read this book to find out what happens at the end of the story!

Also, check out this "Recipe for Storytelling" for The Gigantic Turnip. It's a fun way to interact with your child.


We have one copy of The Gigantic Turnip to give away to a MTW reader. Just send us an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with "Turnip" as the subject line. Feel free to share any "gardening" stories of your own in the body of your message, if you like! A winner will be chosen on Wednesday, October 31st (my birthday!) at 10 PM CST.

If you can't wait to find out if you've won and would like to purchase The Gigantic Turnip, it is available HEREthrough Rebecca Wolpinsky's (Barefoot Books Stallholder) site.

Hi there, stunning new styles!

Zutano's brilliant fall/winter 2007 collection
has expanded...

Rich Bordeaux French rib fabric, soft woven plaid and a trio of fashionable bunnies join the line this month at Zutano's Online Boutique! Browse our range of comfortable/casual to homespun elegant, punctuated with an array of new styles and colors! With the holidays on the way, you'll find gifts for every little girl and boy on your list!

CLICK HERE to check out our fabulous new product!

Clothes unique as your baby.®

Where Does the Time Go?

Happy 2nd Birthday, to Our Favorite Bug!
The Wonderful Ms. Hailey (and her future husband) are what make this blog possible. Thanks for being our friend from far away. We love you, Hailey! Happy Birthday!

Love, Noel, Lennon (to-be) Laura & Mr. $

What's Cookin'?

Planning a week's worth of meals is a daunting task. My problem is that I fall into the same routines. Taco night, spaghetti, burgers, pizza, um...taco night most of you out there with families know, the thought planning a menu that's different from day to day is as daunting as climbing mount everest. That's one reason I was so excited when I got an email about a free trial for What's Cooking Weekly. For $35, you can get 6 months of seasonal and unique menus every day! What's Cooking even provides you with a list of what you'll need for your shopping list for each meal. Most of the meals are simple and have easy-to-find ingredients.

Ok...I admit, I have not done this religiously, but I have probably made 10 of the meals provided (and printed them all out to add to my collection of recipes), and they were all delish, easy, and fairly quick. My son is a little young to help in the kitchen (although he wants to SO BADLY!), but each recipe gives you ways that you can engage your children in each meal you cook. Isn't that the dream of every cook, to have a little crew of helpers? What's Cooking has more than just a meal planner too. They've got classes, parties, community events, and more...see more here, and also see their gift items!

Instead of spending money going out to eat, get the family involved in cooking at home. Not only will it save you money, it will teach your kids all sorts of things about cooking, and best of all, it will bring your family together! Get cooking now!

Get Inked!

Do you ever wonder how clean your children's hands really are? I've seen my child get into some pretty disgusting things. Just how much do you have to scrub until their hands are actually free of germs? The makers of Airborne have figured out a fun way!

According to their website, SquidSoap is the FIRST hand soap that helps teach and train proper hand-washing technique to children. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hand washing is one of the most important things children can do to help stay healthy.

SquidSoap is cleverly designed, and a fun way to get your kids to wash their hands for the proper amount of time. When you pump the soap with one hand into the other, the pump "inks" you. The ink takes approximately 20 seconds to wash off-the correct amount of time we should be washing our hands. Most kids love water, so this soap is a fun way to get your kids scrubbing well after some time in the sandbox or a messy dinner. Want to see just how it works? Go here.

I really love the smell of SquidSoap, and with my child's obsession with coloring, of course, he loves the "stamp". The one thing I have noticed is that the ink doesn't come entirely off, but I still think it's a great way to get your kids in the habit of a good hand-washing routine. SquidSoap definitely earns The Mums Seal of Approval!

Nature Is Cool!

Nature rocks over at Hatley! Hatley Nature offers infants, kids, and mom & dad a great assortment of comfy jammies, shirts...even boots!

On the left, Noel and I are displaying our matching pj set-it's Hatley's new "Nature Rocks!" design. It's so new, it's not YET available to the general public, but it should be very soon (I'll let you know when!). You can see the full mama outfit here. I tried getting a good picture of the two of us together in our awesome jammies, but this was the best I could do. Why didn't anyone tell me that these little toddlers never stop moving?!? :) This set is so adorable. It's got a bears and otters playing various instruments. The "band", according to the drum kit is called "The Wild Ones". What I love about the adult size is that they're really roomy and comfortable. They're the perfect size-in fact, I would say that they run a little big.

This is Hatley's first foray into kids "footie" pajamas, and they're adorable! I caught the little man standing still for a second (and he just happened to be next to a tent-how perfect) so you can see for yourself how cute these jammies are. Noel's been wearing a 3T in pajamas recently because he's pretty tall, but these are 18-24 mo. and fit him just fine. As you know, we're raising a rockin' tot, so the cartoony rock theme is perfecto!
Hatley is also giving 20% of their online sales profit to Breast Cancer Research throughout the month of October. Get your whole family comfy and cozy for fall with a great new pair of pj's from Hatley Nature!

Diaper Bag Heaven [or] Ready, Set, Decorate!

If you haven't yet visited Rosenberry Rooms, you best get on over there and check out their insanely large collection of, well, EVERYTHING! You want it, they've got it. Stylish nursery room themes, bedding, ADORABLE footstools and step stools (because I'm in the market for one), wall art and the list goes on and on. My eyes practically bugging out of my head there are so many things to look at. All right up my boutique-loving alley.

They also offer a gift registry. If you're tired of the boring, same-old-same old baby shower registry items, please consider registering at Rosenberry Rooms or tell your pregnant friends/family about this incredible boutique. What a fun and refreshing way for your attendees to shop for you! I kind of want to set one up, just because. :)

I don't think they're kidding when they say they have the largest selection of designer diaper bags. If only, IF ONLY, I had known about them during my pregnancy! They have a very fine collection of diaper bags that will have everyone drooling and asking where you bought that fabulous bag! It might only take something as simple as a fashionable diaper bag to get me thinking "baby" again. :)

This is the Baby Pink Corduroy Laminated Buckle Diaper Bag by Kalencom. Hmmm, what can I say about this bag...IT'S SWEET, ladies. What I love about it? It's easy to keep clean, there is a removable, insulated bottle bag, removable diaper pouch and a changing pad.

The inside of this bag is a gorgeous chocolate brown color. Perfect coordinating colors. Also, there is P-L-E-N-T-Y of room. The bag retails for about $70 and is available at Rosenberry Rooms for purchase.

But wait...we're giving ONE away! YUP! Who loves ya, baby? The Mums do! Let me hip you to the entry rules:

Send an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with "DIAPER BAG" in the subject line. Since we're nosey, we'd like you to tell us about YOUR diaper bag, whether you had one years ago, you're using one right now or you plan on using one in the future. Even if you have a quite fashionable one, tell us about it and why you love it so much! Anything goes, ladies (and gents). I personally had an UGLY diaper bag! This would make a fab gift for a mom-to-be!

Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, October 24th at 10pm CST.

*Sorry out-of-United-Staters, this giveaway is limited to the U.S. only. I'm sorry! : (

A very important announcement!

Laura, Elliott and Noel are going to be welcoming a new baby BOY into their family early 2008!!!

Please join me in congratulating them and wishing them a continued happy and healthy pregnancy!

Can't wait to meet you, baby L$!

Exploring Signs is here!

We recently reviewed the First Signs and Sharing Signs
DVDs from Baby Hands Productions. The third installment of the "My Baby Can Talk" signing DVDs is now available!

Exploring Signs will assist you in teaching your little one 24 new signs including how to ask for juice or point out clouds in the sky. They will also learn how to sign some colors!

We just can't say enough about these educational communication DVDs. The folks at Baby Hands Productions have done an amazing job and we feel that soon, every baby/toddler will be signing away thanks to this parent and kid friendly series.

We have TWO copies of "Exploring Signs" to give away!

Please send an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with subject line "SIGNING" for your chance to win.

Two winners will be chosen on Monday, October 22nd (HAILEY'S 2nd BIRTHDAY!) at 10PM CST.

Good luck!

*While you're waiting to hear if you've won, please "explore" the My Baby Can Talk website for very valuable signing resources!

Exploring Signs is available for purchase for $19.95 HERE.

Sweeters Pals

Recently, I posted a review of Sweeters sweaters and I mentioned a giveaway for a new Sweeters Pals doll...well, the giveaway is here...fashionably late but here none-the-less!

Here are just a few of these adorable, 100% cotton knitted dolls. Check out the Pals section of Sweeters website for more choices.


Send an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with your choice of 12" Sweeters Pal and we'll choose a winner on Sunday, October 21st at 10PM CST.

*Don't forget, Sweeters Pals come in your favorite college or professional sports team, too!

Good luck!

*Giveaway sponsored by Sweeters and

Parenting, from A to Z

Don't we all look back on our childhoods and say to ourselves, "I will never be like that," or "I'll never say _____ (fill in the blank) to my kids." Then, the moment comes, that inevitable time, when you are talking to your child, and you think to yourself, "NOOOOOOOOOO! Did I really hear my own mother's voice just come out of my mouth!?!" We all fall in to the trap of trying to be a perfect parent. Let's face it-we won't ever be perfect, and that's ok. However, Dr. Jenn Berman has created an A to Z guide to help us out along this parenting journey.
The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids is one of the better parenting books I have read. This book touches on all the topics we struggle with: self-esteem (F), healthy relationships with food (A), family meals (N), marriage (W), raising a down-to-earth child in this "gimme" society (G), raising boys (Y) and girls (X), and much more. Dr. Jenn is not only a therapist, but she's got her own children, so she really understands the ins and outs of this parenthood adventure. The book straightforward and helps you to understand the reason that certain scenarios may occur with your children. A to Z isn't just for parents of older children either. The foundations we set up for our families early will have lasting effects on us and our children, so we should start now giving our families a firm one to grow on. This book will lead you in a good direction to guide your parenting skills in a direction that will help you and your children to thrive in a happy, functional household.

Get your own copy here, or...


We are giving away two SIGNED copies of Dr. Jenn Berman's excellent and resourceful guide. Email us (themums @ mumsthewurd . com) with what is your biggest parenting challenge, and put A to Z in the subject line. Contest will run through next Sunday, October 21st, at 10 PM. GOOD LUCK!

Hatley Nature Donates!

Throughout October, Hatley Nature will donate 20% of purchases made to Breast Cancer research! Their stuff is awesome (review coming this week), so head over there and get something for the whole family!

What's wrong? Feel left out?

What's that, dads? You feel left out? You're wondering..."Where are all of the cool product review sites for ME?"

Well, the Mums would like to introduce you to a site mainly for dads (but moms and kids would probably like to visit too). Full of hip, contemporary, sometimes out-of-this-world stuff that dads would be into. (or D2, for short)!

The site is run by a dad and all items reviewed are picked for review by said dad. He even writes about life as a first time dad under his blog section.

Check out now, Eric's got THREE of Todd Lieman's book "ABCs for Expectant Dads" to give away! We've got a couple of those books to give away, as well. DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES by visiting D2!

Bookmark D2!

Love and Play the European Way

If you've been following us since we started this lovely site back in March, you know by now that Laura and I dig the unique, one-of-a-kind apparel that so many boutiques have to offer. Three cheers for the internet because without it, we wouldn't know anything about boutiques like Zazou.

Zazou's home is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Created by a French-Dutch couple who feel the same way we all do about having fun, safe and colorful clothing for their kids. Lonneke and Didier believe in giving back to those less fortunate and also supporting environmental initiatives when they select the brands of clothing that they offer through their shoppe. Boutiques like Zazou are the ones who are going to make a difference for our children and we like that about them!

Here is Hailey wearing her Vintage Lady tee from Petit Louie, a brand that Zazou carries. It's a fun tee that always catches the attention of passersby. We love it when people ask us where we get our clothes!

Noel has on his "Slowmotion" tee by The Dutch Design Bakery, another brand found online at The DDB offers adorable and brightly colored apparel with designs like dancing fruit and whales that count. All found at!

Those are just a couple of the unique brands that Zazou carries in their online store. I have so much fun browsing their selections. No problem finding something unique there!

I've totally been drooling over these adorable boy and girl hats by Kik-Kid! Winter is coming and I want to be prepared. Now, I just need to decide which one is my favorite! Go see for yourself.

Zazou would like to offer MTW readers a chance to win their choice of t-shirt from either Most Wanted or Design Heroes (t-shirt or onesie). Both brands have exceptionally adorable apparel! We have no fear that you'll find something you love!


Head over to and browse their shoppe! Tell us which tee you'd like to win from either Most Wanted or Design can choose more than one and when you win, you can make a final decision on your selection then, because seriously, there is A LOT to pick from!

Send us an EMAIL to mumsthewurd[at] with "Zazou" as the subject and your selection choice in the body and we'll pick a winner on Monday, October 15th at 10 PM CST.

***For a limited time (until October 18th), if you create an account at, you will receive 10% off your order! Click HERE for details.

Wrestling Midgets

When changing my son's diapers, I often liken it to wrestling midgets. Wrestling a midget couldn't be that hard, could it? Just ask anyone that has a squirmy baby or toddler, and their answer to this question would probably be "Ha! YOU try it then!" as they walk off in a huff. The more active my toddler gets, the less he wants to be confined for that 1 minute that it would take to change his diaper (that is, if he were cooperative-the ordeal usually takes about 5 minutes because he spends the whole time trying to get up. No, you can't explain the logic behind laying still for 1 1/2 minutes vs. the 5 minute battle with a 20-month old-trust me). This is why when I laid eyes on the Ubi, I got excited. Is their possibly an answer to my diaper changing nightmare? Yes!

Not only is the Ubi easy on the eye, it's design has covered every detail, from a strap that gives you a free hand, to a place RIGHT THERE to store diapers (it even has fastener strips to hold the diaper in place)! The upholstery is hypoallergenic and has an anti-microbial surface, so you can clean it easily and it won't collect any icky odors. You also don't have to bother with that piece of extra furniture that takes up a whole lot of space and that you'll never use again after you have children. Sue Wong took her engineering prowess to where it mattered most-the nursery-and came up with this beautifully designed and highly functional piece of baby equipment. I would show you a pic of us using the Ubi, but I figure Noel's a little old and I didn't want him to be embarrassed later, since he's a big toddler and all. When the new baby is born, I'll take some of it being utilized and show you how great it actually is. Until then, you'll just have to "Ohhh!" and "Ahhh!" over this picture here. Go here to see all the other designs they offer, and to purchase one for yourself. The Ubi is also available at several fine boutiques-real and cyber.

Take your keen eye for design, style, and space to the nursery. Get an Ubi for yourself or for a totally unique shower gift. Be the first to have or give the awesome UBI!

What every new dad should know

Ok, ladies, it's time shut off the football (or baseball) game and pass the laptop (or move the desktop screen) over to your hubbies. This book is for them. Although, I've paged through it and it is a pretty hilarious read for us women, too.

Dudes, do you hear your pregnant lady while she's talking on the phone to her girlfriends and words come up like, episiotomy, hormones and mucous plug? Now you don't have to live in the dark.

ABCs for Expectant DADS is a no-nonsense resource guide for guys who are about to become a baby daddy in the near future, as well as newbie baby daddies who are sleep deprived and there is nowhere else to turn. Show your woman that you "care" about what she's going through.

Believe me, you are going to WANT to have this guide near you at all times. She will be so impressed with you when you can use words like "registry" and "epidural" and it actually seems like you know what you're talking about.

This guide is not frighteningly long like the very detailed pregnancy resource books that are geared toward women. Come on, we know that you guys don't want all that information. Todd Lieman does a fantastic job of narrowing down the information overload of said resources. He tells it like it is, just the way you want to hear it. He points out the obvious and garsh dernit, we like that about him. Todd writes about "stuff" at Life & Times of a New Dad. He is the dad blogger over at Family Education. He has one or two other blogs, as well as contributing to Daddy Daze. Todd may get around on the internet but let us assure you, he is very committed to his family.

You can also hear Todd on the DADSonFIRE podcast. Yep, the one that my husband and I participated in last week. You can listen/download the recorded episode by clicking HERE. Our suggestion is to bookmark Todd and Wank at because, well, they're just pretty swell guys.

Well, gentlemen, we didn't keep you around for THIS long for nothing...


The Mums have TWO copies of Todd's new book, "Go-to Guides for GUYS - ABCs for Expectant DADS" to give away!

To enter: EMAIL us (or have your lady do it) and let us know what the scariest thing is (or was) for you becoming a parent. Because, awww, we know that you have feelings too! It's ok if you're a "seasoned" parent, maybe you know someone who is becoming a father that could use this priceless book.

Giveaway ends on Sunday, October 14th at 10 PM CST.

Good luck!

*ABCs for Expectant DADS can be purchased online from, Target, and Powells.
*Own it? Write a review!
***Keep checking back to (parenting site for guys), as D2 will soon host a giveaway for a few more of Todd's book!

Move Over Wiggles, Here Comes Something (Way) Better!

I'm so proud of the direction that Kids Music has taken lately. I'm a "kindie rock" convert. I come from the school of "music snobbery". I was once told by someone that "a lot of people" listened to some specific popular band, to which I replied, "Not people with taste" (one of my prouder moments).

Children's music must be great for me to even consider it. I have found two so far that our whole family will listen to-our first foray into the kid music world was Dan, who Hailey now CHEERS for(!) and then The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players! Now, we proudly welcome Ellen and Matt into the "Awesome Kids Music" category!

Aren't they just adorable??? They got their inspiration for their album "Best Friends" from their son & to-be sons and some great musical influences. Some have likened their sound to "the Carpenters meets the Pixies". I, on the other hand, hear a mix of some of my very favorites-The Beach Boys, Sloan, Matthew Sweet, and The Ramones.

As soon as I put this CD on for Noel, I was immediately bopping my head along to the music. I thought, "Wow, this is really good!" I was honestly a little surprised, as their look reminded me a bit of The Elephant Show, which I spent hours being tortured with as a babysitter. I was wrong...I'll admit it! Ellen and Matt's songs are kid friendly and parent friendly alike. The CD includes songs about eating your dinner, being an imaginary airplane, and hanging out with your best friend, all set to extremely palatable music that you'll find yourself, as the adult, wanting more of. The song "Best Friend" is so pretty, I actually got choked up listening to it (it's possibly due to being pregnant and full of crazed pregnant hormones). Our whole family loves this entire CD.

"Best Friends" is available from CD Baby and several download sites. Ellen and Matt have joined The Trifecta of awesome Kindie Rock! Go buy their CD and start groovin!!

It was nice out, so I went for a walk

I Went for a Walk is a brand new book full of colorful illustrations and a story that has your imagination flying all around the universe. The book was written and illustrated by Super Buddies, Shanti Wintergate and Gregory Attonito. Shanti and Greg, both musicians, created this beautiful book as they journeyed around the world. It was inspired by their travels and artistic backgrounds. I Went for a Walk is the first piece of art from these two fine individuals.

In Chapter 1, you'll find yourself exploring our fantastic planet and then ending up in outer space, meeting some colorful beings who are a lot like us. By the time you return back to Earth, you're pretty hungry. As you attempt to fill your tummy, you're whisked away to a planet called "Moove". You visit Moove in Chapter 2, where you'll meet all kinds of fun people who love to dance. Moove has you groovin' and appreciating music. That is how the people of Moove fill their tummies but you find that you're still hungry. Someone suggests heading over to "IZ". In Chapter 3, you visit the colorful planet of IZ where everyone is so peaceful and happy.

I Went for a Walk is a great book for you and your kids. It let's them explore their imaginations. When you're done reading it to them, have them sit down and draw a picture of a planet they'd like to visit. We love books that will encourage our little one to use her imagination and artistic talents.

This book is a must-have in your collection. We hope that Gregory and Shanti continue to create such magical pieces of art for our reading enjoyment!


Shanti and Greg have a signed copy of I Went for a Walk for one lucky MTW reader!

To enter, send us an EMAIL at mumsthewurd[at] with "WALK" in the subject line and let us know where and when you like to take walks (on the sidewalk, through the woods, near a lake, etc.) Note, we don't need specific street addresses...we just thought it would be fun for you to talk about your walking adventures!)

Contest ends on Friday, October 12th at 10PM CST.

I Went for a Walk is available for purchase on Myspace ($20 through PayPal). Also through, and

Check out the narrated video version of the book (with Shanti narrating and Greg playing "Kauai Cove" on YouTube.

***The couple is on their book tour right now! If you see that they are coming to your town, please check them out:

10/27 Chez Marie 4pm - Bayonne, NJ
Contact: (201) 339-8081

10/28 Book Court 11am- Brooklyn, NY
Contact: (718) 875-3677

11/3 Barnegat County Library 1pm, Barnegat, NJ
Contact: (609) 698-3331

11/3 OC Library 6pm, Toms River, NJ
Contact: (732) 349-6200

11/4 Sweet Temptations 1pm, Pen Argyl, PA
Contact: (610) 863-6060

11/8 Another Bookstore 6pm, New Britain, Ct.
Contact: (860) 223-7552

11/15 The Raconteur 6:30pm, Metuchen, NJ
Contact: (732) 906-0009

11/17 The Village Bookshoppe 3pm, Rockville Centre, NY (Long Island)
Contact: (516) 764-1395

Do you want them to visit your school, library or bookstore? Send them an EMAIL and let them know! We hope they have a tour of the Midwest planned soon and if they don't...I'LL BOOK IT FOR THEM!!! =)

***After you receive your I Went for a Walk book, show Shanti and Gregory some love - REVIEW their book at:,, and