Special Friends

Lindie and Friends are adorably different. They're definitely not your ordinary doll! They're tailored to bring out your child's imagination. Handmade of soft fleece, each Lindie doll is huggable, hand washable, outfitted in the coolest retro fabric and unique!

Lindie & Friends came straight out of the imagination of the creator's head. Kara Lesondak has always had a passion for toys and remembered as a young child, drawing these odd-shaped characters, much like her dolls are patterned after today.

Kara has also started her own not-for-profit organization that is incomparable-Crafty Kids. She teaches her doll-making skills to a group of children at a school in New York, where she resides. Those children then travel to Kenya to teach other children how to make dolls. Those dolls are then sold, and the profits from sales go directly to the school in Kenya. Ten percent of the sales from Lindie and Friends goes toward Crafty Kids.

These fun and crafty dolls come in all colors and shapes. Find one that looks like your child, or one that you just like! Pictured is Noel with his Joey doll, and Hailey with Beatrice. Both of them love to hug these squishy cuties. As you can see, Hailey and Bea are doing one of Bea's favorite activities, going down the slide (click on each doll's picture to see what they like to do). Unfortunately, Noel does not have a kazoo, but we'll be picking one up soon for Joey, so he can practice. Pick up one of these cool little dolls for that special kid in your life!


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