What's wrong? Feel left out?

What's that, dads? You feel left out? You're wondering..."Where are all of the cool product review sites for ME?"

Well, the Mums would like to introduce you to a site mainly for dads (but moms and kids would probably like to visit too). Full of hip, contemporary, sometimes out-of-this-world stuff that dads would be into.

Presenting...DapperDads.com (or D2, for short)!

The site is run by a dad and all items reviewed are picked for review by said dad. He even writes about life as a first time dad under his blog section.

Check out DapperDads.com now, Eric's got THREE of Todd Lieman's book "ABCs for Expectant Dads" to give away! We've got a couple of those books to give away, as well. DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES by visiting D2!

Bookmark D2!

Love and Play the European Way

If you've been following us since we started this lovely site back in March, you know by now that Laura and I dig the unique, one-of-a-kind apparel that so many boutiques have to offer. Three cheers for the internet because without it, we wouldn't know anything about boutiques like Zazou.

Zazou's home is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Created by a French-Dutch couple who feel the same way we all do about having fun, safe and colorful clothing for their kids. Lonneke and Didier believe in giving back to those less fortunate and also supporting environmental initiatives when they select the brands of clothing that they offer through their shoppe. Boutiques like Zazou are the ones who are going to make a difference for our children and we like that about them!

Here is Hailey wearing her Vintage Lady tee from Petit Louie, a brand that Zazou carries. It's a fun tee that always catches the attention of passersby. We love it when people ask us where we get our clothes!

Noel has on his "Slowmotion" tee by The Dutch Design Bakery, another brand found online at Zazou.eu. The DDB offers adorable and brightly colored apparel with designs like dancing fruit and whales that count. All found at Zazou.eu!

Those are just a couple of the unique brands that Zazou carries in their online store. I have so much fun browsing their selections. No problem finding something unique there!

I've totally been drooling over these adorable boy and girl hats by Kik-Kid! Winter is coming and I want to be prepared. Now, I just need to decide which one is my favorite! Go see for yourself.

Zazou would like to offer MTW readers a chance to win their choice of t-shirt from either Most Wanted or Design Heroes (t-shirt or onesie). Both brands have exceptionally adorable apparel! We have no fear that you'll find something you love!


Head over to Zazou.eu and browse their shoppe! Tell us which tee you'd like to win from either Most Wanted or Design Heroes...you can choose more than one and when you win, you can make a final decision on your selection then, because seriously, there is A LOT to pick from!

Send us an EMAIL to mumsthewurd[at]gmail.com with "Zazou" as the subject and your selection choice in the body and we'll pick a winner on Monday, October 15th at 10 PM CST.

***For a limited time (until October 18th), if you create an account at Zazou.eu, you will receive 10% off your order! Click HERE for details.