The Best $50 I've Probably Ever Spent

Or maybe not...It could just be the greatest $50 I've spent in the past 5 years, but still, that's a bold statement!

So yesterday our power was out (for 22 1/2 hrs!!!) due to some major storms in our area. We toughed it out because it was a beautiful day, and we were able to stay here and not completely fry.* There was one problem though. How was I going to pump? I've been doing this in the mornings, so we can give Lennon bottles before bed and at night, so we all can sleep more. I totally panicked and started calling around places to see if I could buy a battery pack. No dice. So, I bit the bullet, went to Target, and bought a hand pump, with the idea that I could return it if it was really horrible. Well, it is FAR from horrible. In fact, I'm irritated with myself that I never gave the hand pump a chance until now. I had no idea how great this device was! It's so much better, easier and faster to me than the electric pump I've been using.

Here's the little beauty-The Avent ISIS Handheld Breast Pump!
After I review the Aimee Nursing Gown (another fave), I am officially DONE talking any more about breasts! :)

*This weather will last about 2 weeks, then summer will hit.