Need Invitations?

Cards are so 1992. I used to love buying and sending cards for special occasions, or just to say "Hi!" to friends, but these days...well, I hate to say it, but the internet's just made it too easy not to send a card. Now, if I have to buy one, I cringe at the thought of spending my hard earned cash, only to know that the card will be tossed the second the party's over and I'm out the door. Wouldn't you love to know that when you send an invitation, the person receiving it might actually keep it? That's exactly what they'll do, when they receive something from Keepsake Concepts.

If you're like me, you're going to be attending about a million baby showers this year. When you receive your invitation, wouldn't you love it if this is what you got? These one-of-a-kind announcements come complete with the mini-outfit, hung on a tiny hanger, a little message tag with the details of the event, clipped to the outfit with a tiny hanger! Isn't it just too sweet? Oh, and speaking of sweet-each Couture Keepsake comes with a little bag of white Jordan almonds! Yummy!

Couture Keepsakes come in boy and girl styles, as well as wedding concepts (with custom styles available in all three too!). At first, I did balk at the prices ($5.50-$6.50 with a minimum of 10 per order). Then I remembered what I have paid for my own invitations. These are definitely comparable, if not cheaper, and they're way cooler and they won't go right into the trash can of the recipient! They can also serve as keepsakes for showers and weddings as well. If Gwyneth, Marcia, and Eva like them, then well, you know they've gotta be swell!