it's a boon!!!

a couple of days ago, i received the frog pod deluxe kit from

what first caught my eye about this company, is that the products seem designed for the "ipod parent crowd"...if you're a lover of the ipod, then you know exactly what i'm talking about.  all of their designs are sleek and colorful ~but NOT all primary colors, as most kids products are these days...something i find totally irritating. 
another thing that i initially liked about this company, is that they donate 10% of their profits to children's charities.  i love a company that is not only dedicated to its product, but to the consumer it focuses on as well.  way to go boon!
anyhow, here's what i got:
this giant frog hangs in the bathtub and holds tons of tub toys, including these funky toys included in the deluxe kit:
how cool are these?  i love the designs, and again, the lack of primary colors.  noel loved the sound they made when he rubbed his hands on them (kind of squeaky).  and last but not least...
this is awesome.  not only does it protect your little one's head from banging against the faucet, but it makes a cascade of water that noel found fun.  you can also put bubble bath in the top, then hit a little button so that the bubble bath hits the stream of water and fills the tub with bubbles (bubble bath not included)!  the only problem with the flo, is that i live in an old house, and the access to the shower diverter doesn't work with the type of faucet i have.  it doesn't really matter though, since the flo is super easy to put on and take off.  we can use it while noel is bathing, then remove it for the adults when we shower!  spiffy!
the only issue i've had with the frog pod so far, is that the suction holder won't suction to my tub.  i'm going to give it a great cleaning, then see what happens...i'll keep you updated.  it also comes with a tape-stick option, but *sigh*, i didn't follow the directions and it fell off.  yeah, i have issues with waiting. :)