It's a Small World After All

Last year, my in-laws bought Hailey the Neurosmith "Together Tunes Sing Along" block. She LOVES it!

This giant, soft cube plays numerous nursery rhyme favorites, such as:
The itsy bitsy spider, the wheels on the bus and five little monkeys to name a few.

All you do is give it a little tap and it starts to play a song. It has a weasel that you can make "pop" out, a spider that you can pull out, wheels that actually turn and animals that squeak. Here is my lovely toddler, at 11 months old, modeling the size of the block:

The Together Tunes Sing Along Block was rated by Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 2005, Top Creative Toys Awards - Preferred Choice. Unfortunately, I do not believe Neurosmith carries this particular block anymore. However, there are several other blocks just like it that would be just as much fun, I'm sure. If you go onto Ebay and/or, you can most likely find the block I'm reviewing here.

I highly suggest checking out the Small World Toys website and taking a look at all of the other great early learning toys they offer.

Mommies, Get Tagged!

Last year, when my little one was still a newborn, I decided it was very important for me to "show off" my mommy-hood. I'm not the fancy-schmancy jewelry-type, so when I found mommytags, I was tickled pink! I placed my order right away and within a week or so, my mommy tag necklace arrived.

Mommy tags are made from silver that is recycled from film. The coolest thing about these tags are that they are made, one by one, by work-at-home moms. You go, ladies!

Hey, Mother's Day is just around the corner...these accessories make GREAT gifts. They even have tags for the Dads. If you'd rather not pick the jewelry out yourself, give her a mommy tags gift certificate.

Another plus is if there are more children in my future, I can always add another personalized tag to my necklace. We're not leaving anyone behind around here!

You want unique? Check out Little Uni!

I stumbled upon this morning. What a [web]site for sore eyes! This is a Chicago-based company that two women started from the comforts of their own homes (now that's what we moms like to hear!) Little Uni offers unique tee's for your baby, toddler or kids (from 3-6 months to 4 years). The designs are fresh and simple with an array of shirt colors to pick from and you can even have your tees personalized! I ordered mine personalized because I want my kiddo to be the center of everyone's attention! :)

We did a short "interview" with one of the founders of Little Uni, Andrea:

1. When was the company created: July 2006

2. Where are you located: Chicago, IL

3. Can your products be found in retail stores? If not, how can consumers find you?

The complete line of tees and our personalized tees are available through our website, Select tees are also sold at boutiques in Chicago.

4. What was your inspiration for creating these unique tees?

We are both graphic designers, and we’ve always talked about starting a company together. When my twins were born, I had such a hard time finding clothes in colors besides pastel pink and baby blue. Cool boy clothes were especially hard to find. Also, as a new mom, I knew how great it was to get a personalized baby gift.

5. Any advice for moms out there who are thinking of starting up their own companies?

Once your baby is sleeping on a schedule (at night and/or naps) you eventually have some down time for yourself. I never would have believed this for the first 6 months!! Starting your own company is the perfect way to be home with your kids, but still pursuing your passion.

Thanks, Andrea!

*If you're in the Chicagoland area, the following boutique offers the Little Uni line of tees:
The Red Balloon - Main store: 2060 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago and second location: 5407 N. Clark St., Chicago

the shameless plug

i made this onesie for my little guy yesterday:

i also made one for amy's little girl, hailey (surprise!). hers is just the same, with this image:

i'm still trying to get them just right, so why not make our kids the test market?! if you want one, email me, and i'll let you know when they're good enough for public consumption!!!

tidy up

we haven't always been avid bib users. i found them kind of annoying, personally...that is until my tot decided when he's done eating, that he's going to start spitting out what's left in his mouth. my husband discovered these bibs, called "tidy turtles" at the grocery store. now, i am not crazy about all the designs, but we got the race car bib, and it's cute.

i would also consider getting the wild animals and space designs...the bottom the best thing about this waterproof bib? it was $2.99 and it's nice and big. i didn't realize until recently that there's infant bibs, then there are toddler bibs...HUGE difference. this bib is nice & large and really helps the new food spitting issue. and as if they were reading amy's mind, they also make a nice little art smock!

the little people matter too

Remember the Little People that we played with back in our day? They were WOODEN!

The Little People of today are so much different! They are plastic and chunky and we love them! Hailey plays with her LP's on a daily basis. So far, her Fisher Price Little People collection consists of:

Sweet Sounds Home
Lil' Movers SUV
Lil' Movers Fire Truck
Lil' Dino Brontosaurus
and a tube of three LP's

She received the Sweet Sounds Home as a gift for her 1st birthday. She absolutely loves pushing the LP's out the back door. It's pretty cute. It's nice that they are so chunky, I don't have to worry so much about her shoving them down her throat if she decides to chew on one. The features of the Sweet Sounds Home are pretty cool. There is a phone that rings, a baby that says "mama", a mobile that plays music, kittens that meow.
The SUV and the firetruck also play songs and make sounds. The Little People are definitely some of the best toddler toys that we own so far. I just discovered from checking out the Fisher Price website that there is a Little People storage bag. It's only $3.99. I think I'll be ordering me one of those. There is also a PLAYMAT for $4.99. FUN!

24 hour frog update

it's been a little over 24 hrs., and the frog is still holding strong to the tub wall, holding shampoo and bath goodies... i've decided...i love the frog.

aquadoodle - a parent's dream come true!

We purchased the Aquadoodle 1 2 3 Draw with Me Draw N' Doodle Mat for Hailey for Christmas. She was 14 months old and really didn't have any interest in it at that time (except for chewing on the pen). She just turned 17 months and I got the Aquadoodle back out since she's been expressing a little more interest in "coloring" while we're at restaurants. The best thing about this product is that it only requires filling up a doodling pen with WATER. That means NO MESS and we LOVE that! There will be time for messes but when you just want to preoccupy your little one for a while, this is the perfect drawing mat. There are all different types of mats; square, round, t.v. characters, etc. You can also purchase additional accessories for your Aquadoodle. I've seen extra pens and shapes that run around $9.99 at your local Target or Walmart.

This is definitely a product that will grow with your child. Don't hesitate to pick one of these up and let your toddler have at it! It's great practice for their little imaginations.

it's a boon!!!

a couple of days ago, i received the frog pod deluxe kit from

what first caught my eye about this company, is that the products seem designed for the "ipod parent crowd"...if you're a lover of the ipod, then you know exactly what i'm talking about.  all of their designs are sleek and colorful ~but NOT all primary colors, as most kids products are these days...something i find totally irritating. 
another thing that i initially liked about this company, is that they donate 10% of their profits to children's charities.  i love a company that is not only dedicated to its product, but to the consumer it focuses on as well.  way to go boon!
anyhow, here's what i got:
this giant frog hangs in the bathtub and holds tons of tub toys, including these funky toys included in the deluxe kit:
how cool are these?  i love the designs, and again, the lack of primary colors.  noel loved the sound they made when he rubbed his hands on them (kind of squeaky).  and last but not least...
this is awesome.  not only does it protect your little one's head from banging against the faucet, but it makes a cascade of water that noel found fun.  you can also put bubble bath in the top, then hit a little button so that the bubble bath hits the stream of water and fills the tub with bubbles (bubble bath not included)!  the only problem with the flo, is that i live in an old house, and the access to the shower diverter doesn't work with the type of faucet i have.  it doesn't really matter though, since the flo is super easy to put on and take off.  we can use it while noel is bathing, then remove it for the adults when we shower!  spiffy!
the only issue i've had with the frog pod so far, is that the suction holder won't suction to my tub.  i'm going to give it a great cleaning, then see what happens...i'll keep you updated.  it also comes with a tape-stick option, but *sigh*, i didn't follow the directions and it fell off.  yeah, i have issues with waiting. :) 

why not laugh while you learn?

we too love leapfrog products (see laura's post below)! i would have to say, the top two brands of children's toys in our house would be leap frog and the fisher price "laugh & learn" collection. we started with the laugh and learn learning house.

we bought this house for our little one for her 1 yr. birthday. she is now 17 months old and just loves it! she's constantly finding new things to play with on the house and never seems to get bored of it (we parents LOVE this).

next, came the laugh & learn musical learning chair. she also received this for her 1 yr. birthday.

at first, she didn't understand to sit on it and play but over the past few months, she loves to sit and play with the objects on the side table. i came across some info from fisher price regarding the musical chair that i thought would be important to pass along. there was a recall on the chair between 5/05 & 1/06. apparently, the chair has been fixed and the safe chair has the green legs and blue seat, as well as the "fisher price" logo on the front of the chair, as shown in the picture.

let's not forget the laugh & learn nursery rhymes cd player!

i bought this at a second-hand store when hailey was about 6 months old. she's always loved this little cd player. she likes pushing the big orange nose and watching it spin. she still dances to the musical nursery rhymes that play out of it.

well, christmastime rolled around and grandma wanted to know what to get for the little miss. i gave her some ideas and one happened to be the laugh & learn learning phone.

this is a GREAT toy to bring with you out on walks or in the car. when you push a button, the screen SHOWS the letter that you've pressed! a great learning tool. this little phone also plays music and it fits in a little spot on the learning house.

recently, hailey has been letting me know when she has gone "poo-poo". so, i decided that it couldn't hurt to be prepared with a potty, just in case she's ready to ditch the diapers. of course, laugh & learn has the cutest little interactive potty!

i suppose i can't really review the functionality of the potty just yet but the toddler sure does love flushing it and playing with the toilet paper roll. we love the "toilet paper" song that comes from it!

last but certainly not least, we received the laugh & learn learning bunny as a gift.

this cute little bunny will for sure bring smiles to your child's face. it is a very "smart" bunny. it knows when it's being carried around or turned upside down and responds appropriately. this bunny definitely makes a great gift and "oooo, HEY" easter is just around the corner!

the items listed above are not the only ones in the fisher price laugh & learn collection. visit the fisher price website to see more great laugh & learn toys.

learning is fun!

i love leapfrog products!
we got these things for noel for christmas:
the night we got this, elliott and i must have played with it for an hour after noel went to bed.  he loves it.  whenever he spins the little shaker, he dances.  he loves flipping the book too.  as he's gotten older, he's started playing with it way more...the thing i like about this, is that it grows with them.  now if my child would just stop climbing on top of it...
these maracas are great too.  one is a regular "shaker" and the other teaches colors, numbers, and english & spanish!  i think noel will catch on to them as he gets older.  he actually prefers the shaker to the teacher at this point. however, it's fun when i give him the shaker and take the other one and we shake together!
we've also got this:
baby tad is another toy that noel's come to enjoy more as he's gotten older.  now he get's REALLY excited when you play the songs on tad.  he's still figuring out the buttons, but i love this toy...tad is sweet and wants hugs!
i really believe in leapfrog...i have seen kids that know names of presidents and the capitals of every country in the world by playing with leap toys.  i'm on board!

grandma rocks!

for the largest variety in screen printed items, head over to there you will find everything and anything you could possibly want your children's clothing, bibs, hats, etc. to say. hailey is the proud owner of a few different cafepress designs and she wears them proudly!

*also, please take note. we've added a "grandparent's corner" off to the right on the sidebar, just above the mum's index. we will continue to list great places for grandparents to do some shopping for the little apple's of their eyes!


as my husband's been working on his ebay store & his own blog, he came across this very cool doll maker. she won me over with her username, veruka salt, and then i saw this!

isn't it cute??? she does specialty items too. noel's got a tv doll coming to him soon! go & check her out and get yourself a kooky doll of your own.

teething schmeething

It seems like my 16 1/2 month old never catches a break when it comes to teething. One pops in and another is tagging along shortly behind. The poor kid is always irritable and that makes for an irritable mommy.

Ever since she was a tiny tot, we have been giving her Hyland's Teething Tablets.

They are homeopathic which, in a nutshell, means they are "natural". I can't say these tablets were the answer to all of our irritability prayers but they seemed to offer a little bit of relief for her from about 3 months to about 11 months. After that, we've generally just used Baby Orajel or good old Infant Tylenol. I have to say, I'd rather stick with the natural route but in times of extreme crankiness, I must go with what I know works for at least 4-6 hours.

I just discovered that Hyland's makes an array of different homeopathic products, not just for children but for adults as well. I think I may stroll on over to the local pharmacy and pick me up a little "pick me up".

You can pick up Hyland's Teething Tablets at your local pharmacy from anywhere between $4 and $6. I've even seen them sold online at for under $4.

So, I probably wouldn't rely fully on the teething tabs at this point. I will plan on giving them another go but it seems like she's cutting some pretty painful ones right now and not much is going to ease the pain but a lot of patience and TLC.

oh, that zaney dan!

this guy is by FAR the best children's musician out there...he rocks.  paste magazine even did an article on him, so you know he's legit!  we've got the all around the kitchen dvd, which features a live show and some videos, as well as the family dance cd...and yes, the whole family WILL dance to it (you may even find yourself doing the hokey pokey to a super fun version of the song!!!).  i found both on ebay, and i think the grand total was maybe $20. 

i plan to purchase more cds & the ukulele for noel in the future, and we're also planning attend a show, should he ever show up in our neck of the woods...we'd even travel to see him (we've done it before & we'd do it again!). 

buy a cd for a good cause!

I have been following a story about a little boy who was born with "spinal muscular atrophy". Callum is the son of J. Robbins, who is a producer and a former member of an underground band name Jawbox.

A 2-CD benefit compilation will be released and all proceeds will go directly to the Robbins family to help get Callum the treatment that he needs. The compilation
primarily consists of indie rock bands. Even if you don't recognize these bands, purchasing this cd (I just bought mine) is for a good cause and you might find that you even like the music!

I have one mp3 posted below, so you can hear what one of the bands on the comp sounds like. Maritime happens to be one of my favorite bands. This mp3 will only stay up for a short time so listen to it now while it's up! =)

1. All the Way Rider - Luxembourg
2. Arcwelder - The Hope (demo)
3. Careers In Modeling - Acorn
4. Chad - English Girl
5. Channels - Cast Away
6. E. Fowlkes Sextet - Rory Corrigan
7. Engine 88 - Get Off
8. Engine Down - Your Suit
9. Eternals - Rawar Style
10. Gordonovich - Au Revoir (Char's Garden)
11. David Grubbs - A Dream to Help Me Sleep
12. Halloween, Alaska - Halloween (remix)
13. The Icy Shores - Backseat
14. Imaginary Johnny - Little Dimes
15. Jawbreaker - I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both (demo)
16. Kingfield - Penny
17. Bryan Knisley - Madeline
18. Joe Lally - Mistaken Identity
19. Life and Times - Catching Crumbs
20. Maritime - Tearing up the Oxygen
21. Medications - Domestic Animals
22. Bill Mike - Secure
23. The Million - Waterfront (demo)
24. Mission of Burma - N.S.U.
25. Travis Morrison - Represent
26. Drew O’Doherty - You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly
27. The Oranges Band - Operator
28. Pilot to Gunner - All the Lights
29. Roh Delikat - Ant Overthrow
30. Self-Evident - World As a Verb
31. The Spectaculars - Dopasetic
32. Story of the Sea - West Bank

For more information and to purchase the compilation, click HERE.

For more information on Callum, click HERE and HERE.

*be sure to tell them that "MumsTheWurd" sent ya!

here comes peter cottontail, hoppin' down the runway

We're ready for Easter, are you? We found this ADORABLE little dress at Old Navy and jelly shoes, which seem to have come back into style, at Gap.

So many stores out there have cute Easter outfits, it was hard to choose. We also found a little white purse and white gloves in the dollar bins at Target, can't beat that. Although, we ARE still searching for that perfect Easter bonnet. My little girl will be the most fashionable one at the Easter Egg Hunts!

bathtub artsy fartsy

We experimented with bathtub crayons tonight. My little toddler really loved scribbling all over the tub. She was oooing and ahhhing all over the place. I picked up these Crayola Bath Crayons at our local CVS Pharmacy.
I think next time around, I will opt for the thicker crayons. These are like "push-ups". Seems like there is a lot less crayon than the thicker ones and the tips are more likely to break off. However, these were a snap to clean up. I basically just wet a washcloth and wiped the crayon markings from the tub.

it's the story of a lovely t-shirt (and shorts)

one of my goals as a parent is to ensure that my child is forever dressed like a member of the brady bunch.  not only did i stumble on some very brady shirts, but i found them at a super bargain!  old navy has a slew of boy clothes for summer that i am SO down with.  note the bright colors and super 70s stripes!  best of all, you can mix & match 3 items (3 shirts, 2 shirts/1 short, 3 shorts, etc.) for the LOW price of $5 per item!  i've also noticed with my own old navy duds, that they wear well, despite being on the "cheap" side.  i got them a little big, since it's "summer" for about 8 months of the year here.  these outfits should last us a while!  i *heart* you, old navy!

brush the teeth!

Growing up, my mother always made a dentist appointment for me every six months. Thank goodness for that! However, I have always had problems with my teeth. For as long as I can remember, I have had cavities and had to get fillings. As an adult, I've had three wisdom teeth removed (so far). I have slacked a little on going to the dentist now that I'm on my own but I am trying harder to get back there every six months. It's harder now with our ever-changing insurance plans. I just paid a visit to my dentist last night. I have THREE cavities, two of which need root canals. YUCK! As I laid there, listening to the sweet sound of the drill, I thought of Hailey. My little toddler who is bound to have bad teeth because of her parents. I haven't been great with brushing her teeth yet but I am going to make a pact with myself that those pearly white babies will be brushed every night from now on. I don't want her to have to suffer through mouth pain like we have.

Currently, we're using the Crest toddler toothbrush below. Seems to work great for her. It's small enough for her mouth and has Elmo on it, one of her favorite characters.

We're using the Grins & Giggles Tooth and Gum Cleanser as well. She doesn't mind the taste of it at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Starting early is the best practice. Show you're little ones that it's important to brush everyday!


button-flies, that's what my toddler calls the new butterfly decorations that are hanging from the ceiling above her crib.

i found these adorable butterflies at an ebay store called they sell nylon wall hangings. i have to say, it is mostly catered toward girls, which works fine for me! although, if you have a garden, they would make great decorations out there too. the butterflies look super cute hanging from the ceiling and i bought a pack of five for under $15!

go ahead, pay a visit to their ebay store sometime!

my apologies, einstein

before having a baby, i hated baby einstein. i can sum up my former thoughts about einstein products with one word: gimmick. well, i was wrong, and when i'm wrong, i'll admit it. i love these products! the dvds have saved my sanity several times when my son was younger. our most recent einstein purchase was this set:

the alphabooks are 26 individual books that, you guessed it...focus on each letter of the alphabet. they come in a cute little portable box (with handy carrying capabilities!), are bright and colorful, and use characters from the videos that your kids might recognize! i'm hoping these will be a good tool to use with noel to help him learn his all important ABC's. so far, he seems to enjoy them! the two downsides to these books: too tiny (about 2 1/2" x 2 1/2) and too short (only three pages). however, i like them because noel can easily thumb through them, and they're bright and colorful to keep him interested. all in all, a good choice (and only $11 at costco!).

building a sand box

our thoughts are on the same page here! i have been thinking about a sand box to put on our balcony for hailey.

here is one example of how to build a sand box from the diy network.

however, i think i'd like one that is up higher, maybe chest level for her to stand at and play. i'd also like to make a section that we could put water.

like this one by step2, for example:

i found that one on ebay for $85. you could definitely make one like it for WAY less.

another thing i was thinking is, she will need a water proof apron if we're going to add the water section. something like this one:

target already has their pool/beach toys out, so we'll be all set!

sand needed for summer fun

i think we need a sandbox. i've decided i'm going to...make one. yep, it'll require hammering and nails and woodcutting, but i'm going to do it. i'll post pictures and a how to when this happens...

i'm suffering from an allergy attack, so i may very well retract this in the morning.

i like wagons

we purchased a used today's kids wagon from craigslist. i highly recommend for online bargain purchases. most big cities have access to this website and can list products or services.

the wagon we purchased has the higher sides, so your child won't easily fall out. i would have liked for it to have a little seatbelt but this one doesn't. i think i've seen others that have seatbelts though. this works best for the "active" child. there is also a little door that the child can open and close to step in and out of the wagon.

this wagon will be great for trips to the park and around the neighborhood!

i couldn't find the today's kid brand online anywhere. i thought that was a little odd. it is a great wagon though. other brands offer similar wagons; radio flyer, little tykes, etc.

i'll post pictures as soon as i take some!

the mighty mighty costco, part II

i agree with laura. we recently signed up for a costco membership out here in the chicago suburbs. i've never really thought these "bulk" store memberships were worth it though, especially for a family of two (or three). however, now that we have the membership, i'm trying to make good use of it.

with the addition of hailey to our little family, i see how quickly things go; snacks, drinks, DIAPERS. i utilize costco mostly for the following items:

* diapers - per laura's recommendation. we use the kirkland diapers (costco's brand). they are very similar to huggies. they're working for us so i'll definitely recommend them.

* wipes - can't get enough of these things! again, these are the kirkland wipes. i have a pack of these in the car, on the dining room table, in the living room and in the bedroom. these suckers will pick up ANY mess.

* veggies / fruit - great deals on these items. if you like to make up a quick fruit bowl or veggie tray, my suggestion is to get them at costco. VERY cheap and you get a lot.

* snacks - i buy the welch's fruit snacks for hailey. she LOVES them. you can get a huge box that lasts FOREVER.

* clothes - costco carries carters clothing. wow...that's a lot of "c's". i've purchased a few very cute outfits there.

there are other random items that we pick up at costco on a regular basis. it's just a great place to get a lot of what you need, things that tend to go fast when you have a toddler around!

the mighty mighty costco

hi-dough (as amy's daughter would say). just wanted to introduce myself. i'm a 30 year old wife to e$ & mom to noel. i work, and my husband stays home with noel, and has an ebay business. with only one reliable income, we tend to be on the frugal side. we do a LOT of shopping at costco. many items that i purchase for our household and especially for noel, come from the warehouse god that is costco. as amy said already, we're constantly telling each other about cool baby finds (a few of which we might make ourselves). if it's for a kid and is cool, you can guarantee that we'll talk about it. more to come...


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---> WINNERS: Kim, Erin, Jennifer, Lori and Caryn

It's a Wonderful Life Train Giveaway
---> Dates: 12/13/07 to 12/18/07
---> ENDED
---> WINNER: Sandra

Tootsie Roll Gift Pack Giveaway
---> Dates: 12/17/07 to 12/18/07
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---> WINNER: Melissa

Name Tags Giveaway
---> Dates: 12/12/07 to 12/15/07
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---> WINNER: Lori

Holiday Review Bloggers Scavenger Hunt
---> Dates: 11/07 to 12/9/07
---> ENDED
---> WINNERS: Click HERE to view winner's list

TableTopics Family Edition and TableTopics Golf ToGo Giveaway
---> Dates: 12/4/07 to 12/10/07
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---> WINNER: Dawna

Hatley Nature - Jammies Giveaway
---> Dates: 12/3/07 to 12/7/07
---> ENDED
---> WINNER: Sara

Over and Out
---> Dates: 11/21/07 to 11/26/07
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---> WINNERS: Karen, David, Pete and Debbi, Deborah

BusyBodyBook giveaway
---> Dates: 11/28/07 to 12/4/07
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---> WINNER: Janet

Karito Kids Doll giveaway
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---> WINNER: Peg

Small Concept $150 gift cert. giveaway
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---> WINNER: Kira

Wholly Wholesome Gift Packs giveaway
---> Dates: 11/16/07 to 11/23/07
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---> WINNERS: Melissa, Jen, Terri, Kim and Angela

It's Fall Ya'll Bloggy Giveaway Carnival
---> Dates: 10/29/07 to 11/4/07
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---> WINNER: Lynn

The Gigantic Turnip book giveaway
---> Dates: 10/26/07 to 10/31/07
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---> WINNERS: Laura and Aliah

Kalencom Diaper Bag
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---> WINNER: Olivia

Exploring Signs - Signing DVD
---> Dates: 10/17/07 to 10/22/07
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---> WINNERS: Renae and Alexia

Sweeters Pals Doll
---> Dates: 10/17/07 to 10/21/07
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---> WINNER: Sammantha

Signed Copies of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids

---> Dates: 10/14/07 to 10/21/07
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---> WINNER:

T-shirt from Giveaway
---> Dates: 10/10/07 to 10/15/07
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---> WINNER: Lisa

ABCs for Expectant DADS Book Giveaway
---> Dates: 10/8/07 to 10/14/07
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---> WINNERS: Kathy & Mike

I Went for a Walk Autographed Book Giveaway
---> Dates: 10/7/07 to 10/12/07
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---> WINNER: Brandy

Way Out Wax Gift Basket Giveaway
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---> WINNER: Stephanie

It's Good for the Kids Zoobie Pet Giveaway
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---> WINNER: Kristy

My Baby Can Talk Signing DVDs Giveaway
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---> WINNERS: Adrienne & Doug

$150 gift cert. to Zutano giveaway
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---> WINNER: Vicci

Monster in the Closet T-Shirt Giveaway
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---> WINNER: Sarah

Fruit Chillers Prize Pack giveaway
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---> WINNERS: & Aimee

See Kai Run shoes giveaway
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---> WINNER: Marion Burgess of Williamsport, PA

$100 gift cert. to Natural Pod giveaway
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---> WINNER: Natalie

TeeWit $50 eCertificate giveaway
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---> WINNER: Caryn

MomSpit Tag Team giveaway
---> Dates: 9/11/07 to 9/16/07
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---> WINNER: Angie at A Whole Lot of Nothing

Dwink giveaway
---> Dates: 9/4/07 to 9/7/07
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---> WINNER: Sue at We are Reilly

Kaboost giveaway
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---> WINNER: Anonymous (

Tummy Honey Cream giveaway
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---> WINNER: Laura

Outside Baby Backpack and Messenger Bag giveaway!
---> Dates: 8/29/07 to 9/4/07
---> ENDED
---> WINNERS: Shama-lama Mama and Crystal F.

Desperate Households Book Giveaway!
---> Dates: 8/23/07 to 8/27/07
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---> WINNER: Mama Zen at The Zen of Motherhood

$25 eBoutique Certificate to The Polkadot Platypus
---> Dates: 8/21/07 to 8/26/07
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---> WINNER: Tamara

I Was a Really Good Mom...Book Giveaway!
---> Dates: 8/19/07 to 8/23/07
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---> WINNER: Rebecca at A Not So Desperate Housewife

Supermomz Dinnerware Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Ellen

Baby Rock Apparel onesies or tees Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Laura Session Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Sarah at Sassyfrazz

Bella Bubs Daisy Hat and Toddler Rags Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Wendy at The Adventures of MomLady

Kids Central Kitchen $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: That Blue Girl, aka Joanne

I Heart My In-Laws Book Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Alma at Marketing Mommy

Infant Car Seat Cover Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Laura Williams at Laura Williams' Musings

Packin' Smart Giveaway!
---> Dates: 8/3/07 to 8/8/07
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---> WINNERS: Crystal and Ellen at Baiers On The Move

Betty and Dean Tees Giveaway!
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---> WINNERS: Linda SS and Aimee at A Day in the Life Of...

Saari Design Blanket Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Erin

Dado Cubes giveaway!
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---> WINNERS: Christine at From Dates to Diapers and Amber at Polka Dot Daisies

The Body Shop Samples giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Melissa at Mejojac's Memos

Book: Rock Star Momma giveaway!
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---> WINNERS: Cyndi and Lisa Cate at The Pumpernickle Pickle (love that name!)

Belle Pearl bracelet set giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Katie at Bugs on a Blog

SlickSugar tee giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Naomi at Superdumb Supervillain

MeMo onesie (6-12 mo.) giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Emily at Ellinghouse

Il Cocco di Mamma tees Giveaway!
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---> WINNERS: Amanda at CafeMom and Amy at Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Little Showoffs Tees Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Stacey Friesen at Fun with the Friesens

Dillyhearts Tooth Fairy Pillow Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Jessica at Sassafrass

XY Factory Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Kristie

The Umbrella Shoppe Collectibles Giveaway!
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---> WINNER: Elizabeth at "The Whole Family"

BusyBodyBooks Giveaway!
---> Dates: 6/23/07 to 6/30/07
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---> WINNERS: Elizabeth at "The Whole Family", Kerry at "And Baby Makes Four", Andrea at "The Laughs Will Go On" and Heather at "Holdaway Hijinks"

Jasper Hearts Wren Birdie Legs Tiny Tank Giveaway!
---> Dates: 6/19/07 to 6/26/07
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---> WINNER: Devra L.

"My Conservation Baby" Tees Giveaway!
---> Dates: 6/12/07 to 6/18/07
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---> WINNERS: Monya at Our Little Family in the Great Big Desert and Tanyetta at Days Like These

The Terrible Two's signed CD Giveaway
---> Dates: 6/4/07 to 6/8/07
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---> WINNER: Katrina at CafeMom

Love-Me-Knots Bows Giveaway
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Dan Zanes CD Giveaway!
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