the shameless plug

i made this onesie for my little guy yesterday:

i also made one for amy's little girl, hailey (surprise!). hers is just the same, with this image:

i'm still trying to get them just right, so why not make our kids the test market?! if you want one, email me, and i'll let you know when they're good enough for public consumption!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the David Bowie onesie. How do you apply them? Is that a onesie or a little white t-shirt?

Laura Seymour said...

i used t-shirt transfers that i bought at an office supply store. it's on a onesie, but i think next time i'd use just a baby t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

I like the t-shirt transfers instead of another piece of fabric overlaid. The transfers lay smooth and blend into the shirt just right.