What Every Pancake Makin' Mama Needs

I love a good pancake, but I always found them to be somewhat of a pain to make. I only had a regular sized nonstick pan, and I could make maybe 2 pancakes at a time. Inevitably, they were cold by the time I was finished with all of the cakes. Being a mom now, and one who strives to be as 50s as possible, I just had to master my pancake technique. I asked for a double burner griddle for Christmas, and my husband, who swears that I'm the best cook ever (even better than his grandmother!!!), indulged me.

There are all kinds of griddles out there, but I don't think you need to go expensive or cast iron (just my non-chef opinion) in order to achieve the perfect pancake. What you DEFINITELY need though, is the double burner style so you can get the max amount of pancakes possible. The one I got is here-nothing fancy or expensive, but it certainly does the trick! I can get approximately 4 4-5" pancakes and 2 "dollar" sized pancakes done at one time. It's totally amazing what a difference it makes when you can make ALL the batter in two "cycles" instead of about 7!

Now, what really makes a pancake great is a good recipe, so give this one a try (it's my very own!):

1 c. bisquick
1 c. cream of wheat (any cook time works)
1 1/3 c. milk
1 egg (2 if you like the pancakes more flat)
3 tbs. melted butter
1 tbs. vanilla

put it all in a bowl, and mix...simple!

Cook over medium heat-flip when bubbles appear (about 2 minutes for side 1, 1 minute for side two). You can add bananas, chocolate chips, etc. to this recipe. I promise, they are divine!