You Mean Jack, Right?

Nope, it's Jakc Designs, created by Jennifer Aimee Kathleen Chee, and she knows way more than Jack about design! Here's just one example of the sweet treats that Jen has to offer:
These hand embroidered felt designs are absolutely adorable. Noel's got on the elephant, but there are literally 50 designs to choose from! Go see the wide selection for yourself (a couple of designs come on little fleece blankets too-ohhh ahhh!).

But wait! There's more! Jakc offers items for adults too! If you want a truly fabulous blank book or photo album, you must look here!

To the left is just one example, the Ladybug Book, that I have put here in Hailey's honor. I'm considering asking Jen about creating a Monkey design for me! I just LOVE these!

For the music lover, Jakc offers these totally unique ipod covers! Have you seen an ipod cover with a jellyfish or daisies at BestBuy???...That's what I thought! Of course not! You won't find anything nearly as cool for your ipod anywhere.

In addition to these fab items, Jakc also offers several bags and pillows! The gift (or treat for yourself!) options are endless!

I just can't stop using the word "amazing" about these products...I'm gaga over them all! Check out Jakc'll be glad you did!