Lexie Barnes

Versatility is the key for me when (rarely) I look for a new bag. These days, it comes down to "Can it fit a few diapers, wipes, a sippy cup and a snack?", and in a few months, those demands will include more diapers and a sling. That's why I was impressed with my new Lexie Barnes Duchess backpack. It's got space and lots of compartments, so I'm not rooting around trying to find something quickly and it's nowhere to be found. It's also got two handy side pockets for bottles and cups! No more leaking cups in the bag here (we've had a few "incidents")!

Lexie Barnes is cool because it's not your "typical" bag. I don't know about you, but I could not be more bored when I look around and see everyone and their dog with their "signature" bags. Not only can you branch out from the norm here, you can fit your own accessories and your kids too. Lexie's got many different styles and patterns to choose from, all of which are tailored to fit your lifestyle-traveler, crafter, blogger, or a combination. The only thing I don't like about this backpack is that I don't think you could use it for a long trip-it's just not quite big enough to fill with books, lots of extra diapers, toys-the essentials for traveling, but that's what dad's diaper bag is for ;). The perk of the Duchess? It's on SALE.

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