What's the Cure for the Summer Time Blues?

Why, of course, CONTESTS!!!

Our friends from Kids Central Kitchen want to give YOU a $25 Gift Certificate (and free shipping)! Just leave us a comment and tell us this:

What's your favorite thing to bake?

In order to win, that's all you have to do...but you have to leave us enough info so that we can get in touch with you to tell you that you won! So get entering! Contest ends at 10 PM on Wednesday, August 15, 2007.

Kids Central Kitchen will also give you 10% off on your first order when you use the coupon code MUM.

Also in the contest queue: Win a copy of I Heart My In-Laws or a Rockin' Car Seat Cover!

Get Into the Zone!

School Zone offers a wide variety of teaching tools for children ranging from babies to 6th grade. You can get your child started learning from infancy, and give them fun and educational material as they get older. School Zone also provides parents and teachers with resources and items for the classroom. You can also find a safe and educational on-line area that includes games, videos, and stories and songs that your kids will love!

Noel received several items from Baby School Zone. His pack included the Fuzzy Animal Friends Discovery Cards, the Happy Faces Infant Mirror Cards,and the Peek-A-Boo Bear.
He loves the animal friends and peek-a-boo bear (his favorite game)! With a child that already loves to be read to and to look at bright, colorful pictures (that he can't destroy-they're hard, board book material) these are perfect for him! Truly, I am mostly looking forward to using these School Zone products with the new baby!

I Heart My In-Laws, Don't You?

I don't know ANYONE who doesn't get along swimmingly with their in-laws! But don't you just WISH you could have a guide book with a checklist or quiz that would help you size-up them up in a heartbeat? What about a translator for those in-laws who don't speak English? You would like to know if they're calling you a "bimbo", right? Well, look no further because "I Heart My In-laws" will teach you "bimbo" and other assorted phrases in twelve different languages, so you'll know just the right comeback or just when to run from the room screaming.

I Heart My In-laws is a belly-laughing, nose-snorting, savvy guide for all girlfriends, fiance's, newlyweds and heck, even for us seasoned women! Sometimes you just need to have a sense of humor when it comes to your man's family and this is perfect guide book to carry with you at all times when there is a family function. It may even be a good ice-breaker if your in-laws see you reading it or referring to one of it's handy checklists. There is no better way to say, "I love being a part of your family" than proving that you want to get to know them inside and out.


Good news! We have the answer to all of your in-law woes here at MTW. One lucky Mums reader will soon be holding this book near and dear to her heart. Just leave us a comment letting us know your FAVORITE in-law story, good or scary (just a brief one, please). Feel free to post it on your site (if you DARE!) and then link back to this giveaway post. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure to leave your contact information (email address). We've noticed that some people link to their profile but then there is no way for us to contact you if you are the winner.

This giveaway will end on Monday, August 13th at 10 PM.

Good luck...and in the meantime, "Wer hat gefurzt?"!

*I Heart My-In-Laws is available for purchase at Amazon.com (click the link below.)

I Heart My In-Laws also available at Barnes & Noble



Attention readers! We invite you to submit your local boutique for review on MumsTheWurd! All you have to do is go to your local children's or maternity boutique and introduce yourself. Let them know you want to have their boutique featured on MumsTheWurd. The boutique HAS to be unique! Not like the Children's Place or Carters (even though we love those stores too). Take some pictures of the store front, inside of the store (if they don't mind) and maybe even yourself with the owner or employee. Then, write a little something about the boutique, like where it is located and maybe why you love to shop there, certain brands they carry, etc. We'll post it on MTW! Email your submission to us at themums [at] mumsthewurd [dot] com.

Have fun! Can't wait to see your review and hear about your local boutique. =)


Unique Bowtique - Naperville, IL
Butterflies and Bugs - Naperville, IL