PLAJAPETS! Plajapets are the quirky and loveable new plush toys created by Jason Johnson and Adam Kittelson. "What's so different about Plajapets?" you might be wondering. Well, these imaginative toys have removeable (magnetized) heads and tails, so your tot can get crazy and mix up his or her pets! Ever heard of a panragold? How about a bunfida? A goldait? No? But they're right here!

Plajapets are super soft and cuddly, and come in a variety of "species" (you'll see the other three currently available in this post soon!). There are six different animals available currently, with six more coming soon! My only warning though, is if your child is pretty young, you may find your Plajapet with a missing head or tail...these smaller parts seem to go MIA pretty easily around the house, but luckily, we've manajed to keep all our pets with heads and tails fully intact, so far (just not at ALL times).

Can't decide what pet you want? Why don't you order three, and Jason & Adam will throw the other three in for FREE?!! That's almost a $40 savings! Just type Mums The Wurd in the comments section of checkout, and they'll throw the whole crew into your order. This discount is valid until October 30th.

Enjoy some Plajapets today!

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