Barenaked Ladies: Snacktime is FINALLY released!

I've been DYING to post about the brand new Barenaked Ladies kid's album, Snacktime. This is the band's first ever album geared toward the smaller human-kind. It is surely no disappointment and is at the top of our list of albums to listen to that parents and kids can enjoy together. I wouldn't have expected any less from BNL, as this band is known for their witty lyrics and bouncy sing-alongs. Come on, I still walk around singing, "If I had a million dollars..." Can never seem to get that song out of my head. Although, I should mention that it may be soon replaced with "Raisins" off of Snacktime. Totally catchy and silly with whistle-alongs and whatnot.

Snacktime, which was released on Desperation Records just a few days ago (May 6th), consists of a mix of 24 original tracks and this is what the band has to say about them:

"Our collective kids now outnumber the band more than 2 to 1," explains vocalist/guitarist Ed Robertson. "We set out to make a record that would be entertaining for them…not strictly a children’s record, but a record that children would really enjoy. Our kids are in to all kinds of music. They love the They Might Be Giants kids records, but they also love The Beatles, Fountains of Wayne, Randy Newman, Black Eyed Peas and Green Day. Making the focus about what our kids like was a truly liberating process and fun for the whole band."

"Besides, our biological clocks are ticking," jokes drummer Tyler Stewart. "The medical risks associated with releasing children's music after age 40 are well documented, and we thought it best not to put any of our lives in danger."
So in closing, I urge you to pick up this album and never take it out of your cd player, iPod, Zune, or whatever type of gadget you listen to music on. Just keep playing it over and over and over! You're kids will totally dig it and I don't doubt that you will too.

I leave you with 7 8 9, the first track off of Snacktime. Enjoy!

mp3: 7 8 9 - Barenaked Ladies