Baby Bean!

Oh goodness...I think I'm now in desperate need of a little girl to dress...
Baby Bean Wear is AWESOME!  Made right here in my back yard, Christine combines her love for vintage fabric with her need to dress her little ones in one-of-a-kind clothes perfectly. 
The cuteness may very well kill me! 
If you're interested in purchasing Baby Bean products, you can order directly from the website, or check these stores.  It's probably a good thing she doesn't make boy clothes, or I'd be broke!
Thanks to our friends at LittleDallas for the heads up on Baby Bean.  Check out their book for more great Dallas area finds!

Pretty Little Girls Need Pretty Little Bows

I just left "5 minutes for mom" and they have a contest running for some fancy little hair clips for your little princess. I clicked myself right over to Madison's Room to see what the hoopla was all about.

These accessories were like eye candy to me! Having a little princess myself and looking for the cutest hats and bows for her lovely head and hair isn't always that easy. With the spring and summer seasons upon us, I'll be dressing up her little hairs as often as I can and that shouldn't be hard to do with Madison's Room around.

Cynthia and her husband created Madison's Room out of the love for their two little precious angels, Madilyn and Allison. We love promoting family businesses! I suggest we all head over to "5 minutes for mom" and enter the contest to win a variety pack from Madison's Room! They are also offering a discount for their readers, so be sure to check that out as well.

Vintage Is The New "Old"

If you're in the market to get your tot some real vintage books, hit The Umbrella Shoppe. Do these remind you of being at your grandparents house?
I thought it was so cool that my MOM had read these books when SHE was a kid...and even though these aren't my own parents books, I think it will be nice to share them with my son when he's old enough to know not to rip them to pieces.

The Umbrella Shoppe has almost 200 children's books, over 50 vintage coloring books, and even a neato piggy bank!

Email me, and you'll receive the friends and family discount!

Hot Fun

I haven't really represented the "smart, responsible shopper" side of myself well yet, so today I present to you my latest, inexpensive find:

Although it wasn't too hot yesterday, we just had to test this puppy out...and oh, what an IMMEDIATE HIT it was!!!  I made him get out after just a few minutes because the water wasn't exactly he leaned over the side and threw grass in and splashed around for probably 45 minutes.  When it was time to go in and eat, Noel stood at the door, looking at his pool and crying.  This morning he went and played in it WITHOUT water, and just thought it was the greatest thing ever.  From a kid's vantage point, this pool is enormous...way bigger than the ones they were making when I was a tyke.

This pool is going to be so fun when summer hits us with all it's gusto in Texas.  The best thing about it?  It was $9.99 at Target!  Rock on!

Diaper Bag Dilemmas SOLVED

I've been a part of the mommy club for a year and a half now and if you're anything like me, you've purchased several diaper bags that you "thought" were you at the time but then they ultimately ended up not fitting your style (or the season).

This is why I wanted to bring 1154 Lill Studio in Chicago to your attention. I recently visited Lill for a friend's bachelorette party. We had so much fun picking out fabrics and designing handbags. It was almost a bit overwhelming for a shopaholic girlie-girl such as myself.

The DIANA style is Lill's premiere mommy diaper bag. I designed this one online:

The coolest thing about 1154 Lill is that you make your bag to fit YOU. No one makes it for you. These days it's all about individuality. I like flowers, I like polka dots, I like stripes. Why not display all of these patterns on one bag, a bag that represents you?

You can make it funky. You can make it playful. You can make it sophisticated, it's all YOU and that's the best part! Now, go and play!

If you're in town, visit Lill at 904 W. Armitage Chicago, IL 60614 or, you can design and order your bag online HERE.

*1154 Lill Studio also has boutiques in Boston and Kansas City.

Yes, Virginia, They Still Make Wooden Toys!!!

Wooden Toys You Say??  YES!!!
I had never heard of Melissa and Doug before I had a kid, but I am now crazy about their products!  They deliver a plethora of educational, colorful products, including some that are wooden!  I can't tell you how tired I get of primary colored plastic everywhere.  M & D are a breath of this crazy plastic world that we are bringing our kids up in! 

No, you aren't looking at a toy packaged in 1973!  You can get this brand new!
We already have this one.  Right now, Noel just likes to throw the colorful number blocks, but one day, perhaps he will learn to tell time using it (if the numbers aren't all lost by then)!
This is going to be a MUST.  Isn't it awesome?
A great place to easily amass your collection of Melissa and Doug products is in Kristen's eBay Store-go check it out!

Ode Tags!

If you want to proudly show off your child in a unique way, run over to Ode Gifts immediately!  Ode Gifts is run by a friend of a friend , Brooke.  She can make you your own customized Ode Tag for any occasion, and with Mother's Day coming up...well, it just makes sense to get an Ode Tag so you can represent! 
***Ode Tags proudly donates 10% of each tag sale to the Wounded Warrior Project . This is an amazing charity that helps our injured soldiers and their families live and improve their quality of life***

And the Winner is...

Thank you to ALL who entered our Dan Zanes give away!
Congratulations to our winner, NATALIE!!!

Sweet Threads for Little Punks

That is "Punk-N-Pie's" catchy little tagline. I don't even think they need one, check out the adorable items they offer and these are only a few...

Seriously, how cute is that bug tee? And that Blogger Bag, pretty sweet if you are a blogger on the go, such ourselves here at MumsTheWurd. How about some wall art or bath items? Punk-N-Pie is a Honolulu, HI based company that once again, started up because of those little apple's of our eyes and a parent's want for non mass-produced kid's stuff. Well, they've sure got it, so head on over to Punk-N-Pie and say "Aloha! MumsTheWurd sent me!

EDIT: You can save 10% off your next order by using code "MUM10" at checkout!

A Contest: Dan Zanes CD Giveaway!

I realize that we've been posting at an underwhelming level lately...and for that we apologize and bring you a contest to make up for our negligence of Mums The Wurd!!

Over the next few days, we'll be doing a BIG review on our favorite children's musician, DAN ZANES! Please visit Dan's site to find the answer to the question:

When was Barbara's baby born and what is her name?

Correct answers will be eligible to win the Dan Zanes and Friends "Family Dance CD!

Please send your answer to:, and we will pick the winner on wednesday, april 18th.
Good luck!

Rain Boots On SALE!!!

The nice folks over at Diane's Little Lambs Rainwear have graciously offered our readers a 15% discount! When you check out, enter the coupon code MUM.
Thanks, Little Lambs!

TRULY a Miracle

All hail the MIRACLE BLANKET!!!

This blanket had us all sleeping soundly when Noel was a wee little baby.  When you're at the hospital, groggy, drugged, and have nurses waiting on you and your baby hand and foot, swaddling is really of no matter...someone else will do it for you if you don't know how...Then you get home, with your bundle of wailing, screaming joy.  We had been turned on to The Happiest Baby on the Block, which includes the swaddling technique as a way of quieting your baby, before Noel was born.  However, swaddling was not either of our strong suits.  Within minutes, the baby was wriggling out of it (thankfully, he'd almost always stay asleep...we got lucky with one of the sleeping marshmallow lump types).  We wanted something that we knew would ensure a decent night of sleep for all of us, and a swaddler that was fool proof.  That's when we stumbled onto the Miracle Blanket, thanks to The Nesting Place (for those of you local to the D/FW area).  The blanket, at first, looks like a giant mess of flaps and cloth, but after someone showed us how to use it, we were all about this blanket.  The directions on the website show you exactly how to use the blanket, how easy it is, and how it works INSTANTLY.  Once when traveling, we actually turned around to retrieve the forgotten blanket...that's how awesome this piece of cloth is.  I normally don't dispense advice to parents, ever, because I know how annoying and irritating it is, but I have recommended this blanket and The Happiest Baby book multiple times, all with magnificent results.  I have only had one person tell me that their baby "didn't like" this blanket.  You might also feel like it's going to "hurt" your baby (I had issues with thinking it was too tight at first).  If you check the website, it will tell you that it may take a while for your baby to get used to it.  Being wrapped snuggly (but not TOO tightly) gives the baby the "being in the womb" feeling that they've been used to for 9 months.  Don't give up!  Your baby does not "hate" the blanket!!! 
I suggest ordering the blanket directly from their website.  The price is comprable to anything you'd find in a store (and finding the ACTUAL Amazing Miracle Blanket in a store is not easy) or on eBay, and the shipping is SO fast.  It looks pricey compared to other swaddling blankets you'd find at Target, but trust me, the Miracle Blanket is worth every penny. 

Bonjour! Hola! Buon giorno!

Bonjour Bambino is a Chicago-based company that has come up with a novel concept, introducing our little ones to more than one language! I for one think this is a great idea. This country is a melting pot and how lovely would it be if the next generation could speak to each other fluently in multiple languages? Bonjour Bambino offers a good way to start.

The onesies that they offer are hip and sweet and are sure to get the "aaawww's" from anyone at a baby shower or on the street when they see your little cutie sporting one in his or her stroller.

Right now, the company offers smaller sizes but are expanding in the near future. Check them out!

How about a little cream with your Sugar?

No, these pictures are not out of a magazine...

This little angel is Ellis, my friend Devra's little girl, who's just a few days older than Noel.  Devra hooked up with Jennifer, owner of Sugar Photography  after Ellis was born, and got lined up for a 4 session package with Dallas' Favorite Family Photographer
Jennifer was sweet enough to answer a few questions for us, even though she's been swamped with work (so a huge thanks for taking time for lil' ol' Mums the Wurd).
MTW: When was Sugar created?
Jennifer: I've taken pictures my entire life, always photographing what I know.  When my daughter was born I was unable to find a photographer that offered the type of photography that I envisioned (well, I found them, but I couldn't afford them).  So I dug out my trusty old film camera and started playing.  This led to photographing little ones around me (cousins, close friends, etc).  Friends of theirs would see my work and ask "Who did that?", and the ball started rolling!  I became an official business in August of 2005, and Sugar Photography was born!

MTW: Where are you located?
Jennifer: I am in Dallas, and work out of my home office.  My sessions all take place on location (clients' homes, parks, or various locations around the city).  Clients (the grownup ones) come back about two weeks later to view their session in the viewing room, and we're able to show various print sizes, framing samples, and all of our specialty products at that time.

MTW: How can people find you?  Do you travel for clients?
Jennifer: We have a (very out-of-date) website ( ) and a (very up-to-date) blog ( The blog is updated after each session, with a sneak peek for the families (and the rest of the world) to enjoy.  We are available via phone (but we warn you-we are slow to return calls) and email (always good about sending those 2 am email responses...who needs sleep?).

Do we travel? Sure!  We travel around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and to cities outside DFW as well.  We've traveled as far away as Paris (and I don't mean Texas) and as nearby as Houston.  Contact us for details!

MTW: What was your inspiration for creating this type of business?
Jennifer: My inspiration came purely out of a desire for an easy, low stress, I-can-do-this-with-my-eyes-closed way to occupy my mind while the kids napped.  Or, not exactly ;)  Once word got out that there was a new photographer in town, I was suddenly bursting at the seams.  The business was created as a way to compensate me for time spent away from my family, and it's been all uphill from there.

MTW: Any advice for moms out there who are thinking of starting up their own companies?

I love every. single. minute of what I do...but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes than just a two hour session a few times a week, and this is where the business side comes into play.  I see new photography businesses starting up left and right, and I think it *looks* so easy, so therefore it must *be* easy, right?  Pulling all-nighters proofing sessions followed by photographing the next morning followed by placing orders, packaging orders, delivering orders and dealing with the finer details of a home business makes me remember my pre-kid working days fondly (because somewhere in there I pack lunches, deliver kids to morning preschool, keep up with birthday parties and piles of laundry, organize playdates and pediatrician visits, and don't forget...most importantly I am a mom and a wife).
So my advice is to take it slow.  Build a strong foundation of organization (Ha-I'm not sure I should even be doling out advice on this topic), education (professional memberships, workshops, and seminars are so important), and allow your business to blossom slowly rather than peak early...resulting in burnout and unhappy clients.
Jennifer is the featured cover photographer for Dallas Child and Fort Worth Child Magazines.  Although she is pricey, as you can see, her work is unbelievable, and well worth the price to capture these fleeting moments. 

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Don't feel like you need to hurry in out of the rain if you've got your tot decked out in some of Diane's Little Lambs Rainwear.
I saw these and nearly quit breathing:
Even better?  There are about 50 pairs to choose from, ranging from retro gogo style to skull and crossbones.  She also has full sets, like this one:

 Since April shower season has hit us full on, I'll be picking up some gear from Diane's!!!

we have happy feet!

Well, yes, we like the movie too but today, however, I am writing to tell you about ISABOOTIES! Can't figure out how to pronounce it? Just say “is,” add an “uh,” and put “booties” on the end, per one of the owners of the company.

These trendy little soft-soled shoes are the BEST for those prewalkers AND walkers. They work fabulously on slippery surfaces as the soles are made from Toughtek, a grip fabric. See Isabooties FAQ to learn more. I recently purchased a pair for the newborn baby of a friend of mine and I see them on him quite often!

These shoes really make a great gift for that new baby. They are stylish and unique and made of Ultrasuede fabric so they are super soft on those tiny, soft baby feet. The Isabooties company is mama-owned to boot! You go, ladies!

You can click HERE to find a retail store that carries Isabooties near you.

See Noel Run!

Well, actually, you won't see noel run...because he hasn't yet...
What you will see, are the super-terriffic shoes that Noel got from See Kai Run!
Are these cute as heck or what!?!  If I can get my camera to download pictures (it's being stubborn), then I will post a picture of Noel in these puppies.  I am extremely pleased with these shoes.  Not only do they look stylish (all the mini-celebs are wearing them!), they are well made!  Now, since I just got them, they have not seen a lot of wear and tear, but, after reading a bit on their about us page, I don't think we'll have any problems with these sweet kicks:
As we now know, barefoot is best for babies as they learn to walk. When that's not practical, doctors recommend the most flexible of soles. See Kai Run soles are made of TPR (thermo-plastic rubber), a new material more flexible and more durable than traditional rubber. You won't find a more flexible rubber-soled shoe on the market. Your child can wear See Kai Run shoes out in wet weather without sacrificing comfort or healthy feet! Each See Kai Run shoe has a soft pigskin leather lining and insole for optimal breathability. Padded collars supply additional comfort. See Kai Run shoes provide a perfect combination of protection and flexibility.

SKR is also a family owned an operated favorite kind!  Find Kai in a store near you here.