we have happy feet!

Well, yes, we like the movie too but today, however, I am writing to tell you about ISABOOTIES! Can't figure out how to pronounce it? Just say “is,” add an “uh,” and put “booties” on the end, per one of the owners of the company.

These trendy little soft-soled shoes are the BEST for those prewalkers AND walkers. They work fabulously on slippery surfaces as the soles are made from Toughtek, a grip fabric. See Isabooties FAQ to learn more. I recently purchased a pair for the newborn baby of a friend of mine and I see them on him quite often!

These shoes really make a great gift for that new baby. They are stylish and unique and made of Ultrasuede fabric so they are super soft on those tiny, soft baby feet. The Isabooties company is mama-owned to boot! You go, ladies!

You can click HERE to find a retail store that carries Isabooties near you.