The Mums Will Always Love You, Vincent.

I don't really like to show a whole lot of preferential treatment, but I have to admit...when it comes to kids shoes, Vincent is tied for first place (along with the other cutest shoes ever) in shoe love. I was lucky enough to score THREE pairs of these sturdy, comfortable, and fashionable kicks. I love them ALL as much as I love Noel's first ever pair. Featured here are the MAX style. These will be great for fall and winter. In this pic, Noel looks like he's about to go hike the Appalachian Trail-I'm not into the hiking look-but with pants they look FANTASTIC. Inspired by the ultra-retro bowling shoe, these babies are sure to please anyone with an eye for cool.

Coming soon: ADAM (OHmygoodnessgracious how I LOVE THESE), and coming in February 2008: the Mini Frog (too adorable for words) Reviews.

Vincent still has a great sale going on too-Check it out!

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