See Noel Run!

Well, actually, you won't see noel run...because he hasn't yet...
What you will see, are the super-terriffic shoes that Noel got from See Kai Run!
Are these cute as heck or what!?!  If I can get my camera to download pictures (it's being stubborn), then I will post a picture of Noel in these puppies.  I am extremely pleased with these shoes.  Not only do they look stylish (all the mini-celebs are wearing them!), they are well made!  Now, since I just got them, they have not seen a lot of wear and tear, but, after reading a bit on their about us page, I don't think we'll have any problems with these sweet kicks:
As we now know, barefoot is best for babies as they learn to walk. When that's not practical, doctors recommend the most flexible of soles. See Kai Run soles are made of TPR (thermo-plastic rubber), a new material more flexible and more durable than traditional rubber. You won't find a more flexible rubber-soled shoe on the market. Your child can wear See Kai Run shoes out in wet weather without sacrificing comfort or healthy feet! Each See Kai Run shoe has a soft pigskin leather lining and insole for optimal breathability. Padded collars supply additional comfort. See Kai Run shoes provide a perfect combination of protection and flexibility.

SKR is also a family owned an operated favorite kind!  Find Kai in a store near you here.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

We love See Kai Run! We've had a few different pairs and they all wear very well! They hold up much nicer than any other shoe in my experience!!


Anonymous said...

love them!

Anonymous said...

these ROCK! i think i need to purchase the "HAILEY" pair, what do you think? =)