Ode Tags!

If you want to proudly show off your child in a unique way, run over to Ode Gifts immediately!  Ode Gifts is run by a friend of a friend , Brooke.  She can make you your own customized Ode Tag for any occasion, and with Mother's Day coming up...well, it just makes sense to get an Ode Tag so you can represent! 
***Ode Tags proudly donates 10% of each tag sale to the Wounded Warrior Project . This is an amazing charity that helps our injured soldiers and their families live and improve their quality of life***


gerry said...

This is really amazing...thanks for sharing this with us..this sounds great...and well i've also posted a few ideas and resources for Mothers Day over at my blog on Mother's Day Gifts so drop by sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!!

ro said...

Thanks for posting this cool custom tag site. I love mine!