teething schmeething

It seems like my 16 1/2 month old never catches a break when it comes to teething. One pops in and another is tagging along shortly behind. The poor kid is always irritable and that makes for an irritable mommy.

Ever since she was a tiny tot, we have been giving her Hyland's Teething Tablets.

They are homeopathic which, in a nutshell, means they are "natural". I can't say these tablets were the answer to all of our irritability prayers but they seemed to offer a little bit of relief for her from about 3 months to about 11 months. After that, we've generally just used Baby Orajel or good old Infant Tylenol. I have to say, I'd rather stick with the natural route but in times of extreme crankiness, I must go with what I know works for at least 4-6 hours.

I just discovered that Hyland's makes an array of different homeopathic products, not just for children but for adults as well. I think I may stroll on over to the local pharmacy and pick me up a little "pick me up".

You can pick up Hyland's Teething Tablets at your local pharmacy from anywhere between $4 and $6. I've even seen them sold online at amazon.com for under $4.

So, I probably wouldn't rely fully on the teething tabs at this point. I will plan on giving them another go but it seems like she's cutting some pretty painful ones right now and not much is going to ease the pain but a lot of patience and TLC.