They pulled and heaved and tugged and yanked

The Gigantic Turnip is a classic Russian tale that is fun and easy to read, a perfect book to sit and read with your toddler and a great first book for that new little reader. The colorful and whimsical new version of this children's tale also comes with the story narrated on a story-telling CD to follow along.

The Gigantic Turnip is about an old man and an old woman and their difficult time pulling this gigantic turnip out of the ground. They have numerous farm animals who are all willing to lend the old man and old woman a helping...well...hand, I guess. : ) Read this book to find out what happens at the end of the story!

Also, check out this "Recipe for Storytelling" for The Gigantic Turnip. It's a fun way to interact with your child.


We have one copy of The Gigantic Turnip to give away to a MTW reader. Just send us an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with "Turnip" as the subject line. Feel free to share any "gardening" stories of your own in the body of your message, if you like! A winner will be chosen on Wednesday, October 31st (my birthday!) at 10 PM CST.

If you can't wait to find out if you've won and would like to purchase The Gigantic Turnip, it is available HEREthrough Rebecca Wolpinsky's (Barefoot Books Stallholder) site.


tonvicur said...
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Anonymous said...

At first this cover reminded me of James and the Giant Peach...anyone remember that one? I'm sure you do! Sounds like a fun book!

DBuckelew said...

James and the Giant Peach was actually the very first book I remember reading . . . long, long ago! We would love to have this book to add to our collection.

Happy Willow said...

It is a classic Russian Folk tale I wonder if the gigantic turnip inspired Roald Dahl to write James and the Giant Peach.