Nature Is Cool!

Nature rocks over at Hatley! Hatley Nature offers infants, kids, and mom & dad a great assortment of comfy jammies, shirts...even boots!

On the left, Noel and I are displaying our matching pj set-it's Hatley's new "Nature Rocks!" design. It's so new, it's not YET available to the general public, but it should be very soon (I'll let you know when!). You can see the full mama outfit here. I tried getting a good picture of the two of us together in our awesome jammies, but this was the best I could do. Why didn't anyone tell me that these little toddlers never stop moving?!? :) This set is so adorable. It's got a bears and otters playing various instruments. The "band", according to the drum kit is called "The Wild Ones". What I love about the adult size is that they're really roomy and comfortable. They're the perfect size-in fact, I would say that they run a little big.

This is Hatley's first foray into kids "footie" pajamas, and they're adorable! I caught the little man standing still for a second (and he just happened to be next to a tent-how perfect) so you can see for yourself how cute these jammies are. Noel's been wearing a 3T in pajamas recently because he's pretty tall, but these are 18-24 mo. and fit him just fine. As you know, we're raising a rockin' tot, so the cartoony rock theme is perfecto!
Hatley is also giving 20% of their online sales profit to Breast Cancer Research throughout the month of October. Get your whole family comfy and cozy for fall with a great new pair of pj's from Hatley Nature!