The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I don't know about the rest of you, but my child LOVES to read. When people ask me for gift ideas, we're always asking for books, books, and more books! That's why I think The Gifted Grasshopper is so cool. Purchase a gift bag of books, any size, for any age child ranging from babies to 3rd grade-you can even pick the type of books that you want to include!

Aside from the bag o' books and the cute little tote that it comes in, The Gifted Grasshopper goodie bag includes a bookmark, the adorable grasshopper glasses you see on Noel, and a stuffed grasshopper named "Griffin".

Maybe it's the child of a bookstore owner in me, but I think books are just about the best gift you can give. Encouraging children to read is so important-and will hopefully start them on a life-long journey of book adoration! Next time you're wondering what to give the child who has everything already, check out The Gifted Grasshopper!


Anonymous said...

My order from "The Gifted Grasshopper" thrilled my grandchildren! They LOVED their books, their very own special bookbags, their "glasses", and the special grasshopper to read with them. What a very beautifully thought out gift! The grands use their bags to take their books with them everywhere!

Anonymous said...

KC Star newspaper now has a column called mom2mom.

have you thought about writing on the topic of staph?

see you soon!