Why Not Wear Artwork?

Fantasy, catching a ride on an armadillo, a candy smörgåsbord to rival Willie Wonka...these are just a few of the wonderfully charming and fanciful designs you'll find at Lark and Loon. Gretchen and Priscilla had a vision to create clothing for children that embodied the spirited nature of simply being a child, and they have succeeded! They commissioned artists throughout the country to design images that "convey the everyday HOPS, SKIPS and JUMPS, as well as a few outlandish cartwheels that occupy a child's day!"

Lark and Loon offers a nice assortment of t-shirts for boys and
girls, as well as several dresses and pants for girls. All of these items are 100% cotton and made in the US. They've also tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the production of their wares:

"In an effort to limit our use of chemicals and to create a soft, nearly transparent feeling, we went with water-based rather plastiol for our screen printing. Water-based inks require less production time, and thus, fewer resources are consumed producing the ink. Also, because water-based inks are, as the name suggests, soluble in water, they require considerably less chemicals in the clean up process."

If you're looking for clothes that truly capture the magic of childhood, be sure to head over to
Lark and Loon!

**Lark and Loon graciously contributes to the Americans for the Arts Foundation which helps to foster the art community nationwide.**


Sarah said...

I have to say, that dress is a little more fashionable than the outfit Violet put together in that same store...

Anonymous said...

are you kidding? i LOVED her outfit!

kristie said...

oh my GOSH i'm in LOVE with their clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks thanks thanks for posting this info!