A is for Art

I do not own any fancy-schmancy wall art. As a matter of fact, it took my husband and I a little over three years after moving into our home to finally settle on some framed art for above our couch. We're a slight bit picky in the art department.

Now that I'm fortunate enough to be put in touch with some companies who make and sell unique art, it's nice to have the ability to browse around their websites and take my pick without leaving my house. I'm talking about the company, "A is for art". They have some cute and whimsical artwork available from cats with gumball machines on their heads (my favorite!) to ostrich's with a slice of cantaloupe, an olive and cherries on their heads. These are images that are fun and can boost your child's imagination.

Next time you're in the market for some funky and colorful art, head over to A is for Art and take a look around.