Fadiddle: For the Under Six Crowd

I found out about Fadiddle a while ago because I saw their "Future Blogger" design. In all of my days of researching boutiques, I have never come across a future blogger tee for my toddler. Anyone who knows me, knows that my husband and I are avid bloggers. We're recruiting our daughter into the blogosphere too. So, you can imagine why the boutique who offers this design stuck with me. The "Future Blogger" design isn't the only one that caught my eye over at Fadiddle. There's grumpapotomous and newb among many other embroidered, one-of-a-kind phrases and designs to choose from.

The fine, fine couple (Caleb and Deb) from the earthy city Portland, OR, who make these spectacular pieces of clothing ask but only one thing of you...that you love their work and your children wear their apparel until there is nothing but a shred of material left. If you ask me, that doesn't seem like such a hard thing to do.

If you have questions for the Fadaddle team, such as where you can purchase their products don't hesitate to contact them via EMAIL.

Here's Hailey with her Comfy PC wearing her Future Blogger long sleeve tee. See, I told you she's the future of blogging!