Blast from the past: The Mr. Men Show (and Little Misses too)

Have you checked out the new Mr. Men show on Cartoon Network yet? It's been on the air since the beginning of February and it's super cute! The Mr. Men show can been seen on the Cartoon Network, weekdays at 9am e/p. Check out this clip:

In case you weren't already aware, because you missed that part of your childhood, the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters came from a book series created by Roger Hargreaves in the early 1970's. As a child, I was the owner of these books and always adored these characters. It's so fun to see them brought to life, even at age 30.

When asked how the new t.v. series differs from the book series, the execs at Cartoon Network responded:

"The show was inspired by the personalities of the characters in the book series and the producers took great care to preserve the essence of the original and at the same time re-interpret it for a new medium and with today’s audience in mind."
Also, when asked what their thoughts were on the appropriate age for viewing the Mr. Men t.v. series was, they responded:
"Like all great comedy, The Mr. Men Show appeals to a wide age range, with the younger kids enjoying the slapstick humor and the older kids enjoying the verbal wit. The Mr. Men Show captures the magic behind what makes kids fall in love with cartoons --- hilarious physical humor and beloved personality-driven characters."
We've been spending some time at the Mr. Men website, meeting the characters and playing their games. The game with Mr. Bump has my toddler belly laughing. You just move asteroids to bump him around when he falls from the sky. She thinks it's the cat's meow. We've played almost all of the games and I can say my favorite by far is the one with Mr. Grumpy. All you do is click on birds and they poop on him. Seriously. How much more entertainment do we need than that? Some other notably fun games were with Mr. Messy (drawing) and Mr. Quiet (swatting flies). We'll be printing out free coloring pages to decorate and send to the fam too.

If you happen to fall in love with these adorable characters all over again, make sure you head over to Food Fight, as you know from my previous post, they sell a handful of the Little Miss and Mr. Men tees for the tots!

Let us know if you've watched the Mr. Men show and what you think!


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I love the Mr. Men show! It was funny because someone asked me if I watched it when I was younger- and I was like, it's a NEW show! Ha! Just so retro- love it!


jenny said...

well i have not re seen it on tv as of yet but well hay i too think and little miss show as well as the books are so grate and i cant wait to see it on t.v.

Superdumb Supervillain said...

love these guys...

kristie said...

aaaaahhh! yeah, i've been seeing the commercial on tv for some time now, advertising when it's on. i've been meaning to look it up and tape some episodes for georgia (and me as well!) those were my most FAVORITE books in grade school as well, so that makes me super excited to see this show. every time the commercial comes on georgia stops what she's doing and watches it, totally entertained by the commercial alone. so we've GOT to see this... and that website sounds great! georgia and i will most definitely have to check it out... the pooping game sounds freaking hilarious! thanks for the info!!!!