Get Cooking!

Cooking is fun, and it's even more-so when you can involve your children in the process! Kids learn to lend a helping hand in the kitchen when you buy from Kids Central Kitchen. These easy and fun mixes let your kids help you out, learn about cooking, and best of all, they are all-natural.

Noel is a little young yet to be a real "help" to us while we're cooking, but he loves to watch! This morning, as I made the Flip Flop Flapjacks, he watched enthusiastically from the sling while I added milk, plain yogurt and water to this simple mix. He helped me stir, then as they were cooking, he sat on the floor and played with a whisk while I put the finishing touches on the pancakes. This mix made a ton of pancakes-way more than we could eat, but there are freezing directions on the package. We'll be having these tasty flapjacks for days!

Kids Central Kitchen has several types of simple mixes to choose from, along with bakeware and utensils, and gift packages!

We'll be trying out the Mudslinger mix tomorrow for a picnic, and I'm sure they'll be every bit as tasty as the flapjacks. If you want to get your little ones more involved with you in the kitchen, be sure to check out Kids Central Kitchen. I'm so glad I found them!


TNMomof5 said...

Sounds like ya'll had fun in the kitchen!! I love freezing pancakes for future busy mornings :)

kristie said...

that is one of my daughter's most favorite things to do... help mommy cook/bake! the huge mess is TOTALLY worth it! and i always smile (takes me back to my childhood) when she excitedly gets to lick the bowl.