Plant a Reading Seed

I've always loved to read, and I've always wanted my children to develop a love for reading early. Noel has already begun to show a lot of interest in books, which is awesome.
Last summer, I told you about a set of DVDs that we received; Your Baby Can Read! Well, unfortunately we were not persistent with the DVDs (but Noel does recognize a few words thanks to this set, so I know with some gumption, we would have a little reader on our hands). Now, Your Baby Can Read! offers books to go along with each DVD. The great thing about these books is that the pages are water & TEAR proof (why don't they do this with all kids books??)!! The Lift-a-Flap Books show a word, then the correlating object behind the flap. Within a couple days of having these and looking at them, Noel could pick out the right words when we'd ask him. I am convinced that these books and DVDs do work. We're going to start over with the DVDs and see what happens.

Another book we received will help steer your child in the direction of green living early. My Bag and Me shows how even the littlest among us can help protect the Earth by doing something as simple as bringing your own bag to the grocery store. This book includes a pint-sized bag just for your child! Check out Penton Overseas for more great choices for kids.


Anonymous said...

That recycling book is really neat, and I think you're right to go back and try the "Baby Can Read" series again.

The Neen

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

These are great! I need to go and get some for my two littlest ones. Help them before they are two years old, that way, they have somewhat of a headstart.