I'll Take a Wrap and a Pouch, to Go.

So I'm really getting into babywearing these days. I have a 3 month old now that loves to be held. I mean, he would have us holding him constantly if he could have his way. This has prompted me to become more interested in slings and babywearing. I knew that I wanted to "wear" Lennon when I started reading this blog, but I didn't realize that I would want to try out every different sling known to man. Well, I want a closet full of slings. I don't need a closet full, but it's totally addictive. Today I thought, "My sling doesn't match my outfit at all!" This is funny, because you should see me most days. Picture yoga pants, flip flops, and hair up in a messy bun. Hopefully when you're seeing me I've remembered to take a diaper bag with me, but now you can bet that I WILL have remembered a sling! Now I want my sling to match my concert t-shirt and my Jan Brady plaid pants. It's getting ridiculous!
On the left, is the Moby Wrap I got today (that's not me, in case you wondered!). I instantly liked this wrap. It's super easy to use once it's on. I know a lot of people are intimidated by the giant piece of fabric, but if I can use it, anyone can. It can be used with infants/toddlers from preemie-35 lbs., and it is extremely versatile. Just look at all the different ways you can carry your child!

I've also been using my ModMum pouch quite a bit. Lennon likes to be held facing out, and he is so content in the pouch! I didn't think I would dig the pouch, but this one is not only pretty to look at, but serves as an awesome perch for little L.

I also still really dig my ring slings from Rockin' Baby Sling (Strawberry Fields-so appropriate) & Bronwen Handcrafted. Be sure to check out Rockin' Baby Sling for the funkiest styles. Their fabrics are amazing-right up my retro alley! My light, silk ring sling from Bronwen will be perfect for summer.

I have not had the pleasure of owning one of her slings, but I just think that the owner of nest is rad, and you should buy a sling over at her store too!

To recap: babywearing is great, and I love having the chance to wear Lennon around in all these cool fabrics!


poopsy said...

Ready to venture into the mei tai? I LOVED my babyhawk.

Blogging Mama said...

Mei Tai's are pretty cool. Not that I ever used it but I've seen them in action.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am impressed by your collection already! Even I dont have a Bronwen Handcrafted... What's up with that? : ) But I'm so glad you got a wrap- I'm giving a Moby as a gift to a friend having a baby soon. I still have that DVD to send you if I ever get out of this house to the PO! I think you'd really enjoy it especially having the different carriers to play with now!


Amber said...

Yep...pretty addictive!